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  • Colocation Services

Where local meets global

Every client has unique needs and goals when it comes to their colocation service requirements. Whether you need a rack or an entire building, we offer customizable solutions of the highest quality with built-in scalability. Leveraging decades of location-specific experience and infrastructure expertise, we deliver customizable colocation solutions with space, power, connectivity and on-site services, ensuring 24/7 operation. Through our interconnected network of data centers, we can help you to optimize your ICT infrastructure, providing you with a resilient platform with both global scale and local service delivery.

Global data center standards

We provide colocation services, complying with more than 300 global data center standards. 


In choosing ideal sites for data centers, we evaluate numerous environmental factors, including natural disaster risks, power supply, and transportation accessibility.


Guaranteed 99.9999%+ availability as standard SLA. More than N+1 redundancy and skilled operators ensure reliable operations.

  • Power Receiving
    Dual Path
  • Generator
    Redundant configuration with N+1 or 2N
    48-hour continuous operation without refuel
  • UPS
    Redundant configuration with N+1 or 2N
  • Power Provision
    Dual power feeds from different PDUs

Highly efficient cooling systems, specifically for ICT equipment with N+1 or 2N redundancy. Set temperature and humidity values compliant with ASHRAE TC 9.9.

Fire Protection
Early warning smoke detection system and gas suppression systems.

Why choose Kentino?

Standard compliant

Compliant with ISO 27001 or ISAE3402/SSAE16.

Global recognition

Data centers in over 20 countries, with more than 500,000 sqm in total colocation space.

Global reach and local intimacy

Global Network Service in over 190 countries/regions.

Advanced facilities

Designed and built the largest portfolio of Tier 3 data centers in the world.

We are here to help!