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  • Data Center Infrastructure Management

Reduce your operations monitoring workload

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) eases the management of your system operations. From our customer portal, you can monitor system operation status and manage your equipment and wiring seamlessly. By visualizing the real-time status of server room temperature and humidity, equipment status, power usage, and air-conditioning workload, you can experience the flexible and efficient operations and use this information for future expansion plans. In case of any trouble, customers and data center staff monitor the same screen and can solve the problem rapidly and smoothly.

Data Center Infrastructure Management system features

Real-time monitoring

Measuring the power rate by breaker unit, you can check the current power value by racks. We set reference temperature and humidity points, installing dedicated sensors for customers’ space.
*Heat map is an optional service.

Server room monitoring and alarm system

Customers can set their own threshold levels, with different levels of settings to indicate the warning level and critical level for both high and low degrees. The alarm will be displayed on the portal screen in real-time when levels exceed set thresholds. Customers can also get an alarm notice by email.


The collected data will be stored in the Data Center Infrastructure Management database. The data will be saved by the average levels every 15 minutes for up to 60 

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Data centers in over 20 countries with over 400,000 sqm total colocation space.

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Vedoucí postavení v průzkumu IDC MarketScape: Hodnocení dodavatelů: Celosvětové kolokační a propojovací služby datových center 2021.

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Designed and built the largest portfolio of Tier 3 data centers in the world.

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Globální poskytovatel páteřní IP sítě Tier 1, jeden z největších v Asii.

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