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Improve efficiency and agility with data center technology

We’ll help you improve business delivery by modernizing your infrastructure, ensuring that it is secure by design, with an architecture that breaks down data center silos, and exploits automation to align IT delivery to your business needs. We have a full portfolio of services – Including global colocation and hosting capabilities – and collaborate with the industry’s most trusted strategic alliance partners to provide you with access to the latest data center technology and operational models.

Our data center technology portfolio

Compute infrastructure

Improve efficiencies, speed up current IT processes, and optimize costs with compute technologies, such as converged and hyperconverged infrastructure. Let our experts help reduce complexity across your infrastructure and enable your IT teams to be more responsive to business needs.

Storage infrastructure

Harness the explosion of data and unlock its value, with storage infrastructure technologies such as flash, storage area networks, and cloud enterprise storage. We’ll help you deliver new frontiers of agility and performance, while ensuring data security and compliance requirements are met every step of the way.

Data center networking

Support your application needs and automated operations with a modernized data center network that delivers business 

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Strategische Partnerschaften

Maintaining the highest levels of vendor technical certification and API-level integration in 47 countries.


Verwalten Sie Netzwerk-, Rechenzentrums-, Kollaborations-, Kundenerlebnis- und Sicherheitsumgebungen von verschiedenen Technologieanbietern vor Ort, gehostet und in der Cloud.

Networking expertise

An extensive track record of designing, integrating, supporting, and managing multivendor enterprise networks.

Globale Unterstützung

Support over 47 technologies in 14 languages worldwide.

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