Whatsminer M30++ 110TH/s – 3300W

 2,237.00 without VAT


Now you can buy ASIC crypto miner model Whatsminer M50 122 Th/s from Micro BT, mining algorithm SHA-256 with maximum hashrate 122Th/s and consumption 3538W. Coins that can be mined by this ASIC miner: Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin SV (BSV), other SHA-256 coins. Warranty: 12 months. Condition: New Item Delivery time: 6-14 days. Price updated 20.03.2023

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Now you can buy ASIC crypto miner model Whatsminer M30 110 Th/s from Micro BT, mining algorithm SHA-256 with maximum hashrate 110Th/s and consumption 3300W.
Monedas que pueden ser minadas por este minero ASIC: Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) y Bitcoin SV (BSV), otras monedas SHA-256.


Productor:Micro BT
Modelo:Whatsminer M30
Hashrate máximo:110 Th/s -3%
Consumo de energía:3300W -5%
Fecha de publicación:July 2021
Dimensiones:425 x 155 x 240 mm
Misa:15 Kg
Nivel de ruido:75 db

Información adicional

Hashrate th s

110 Th/s

Marca del fabricante










Bitcoin ASIC miners producers that is catching Bitmain company for best ASIC miners for Bitcoins.


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