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Prepare each user to effectively adopt new systems the moment they’re deployed 

With technology essential to the execution of business strategy rather than a necessary expense, many companies are deploying new technologies today to drive a competitive advantage. Our Technology Learning offers an end-user change management approach to facilitate these changes. We analyse your organization’s current (as is) situation and then define and visualize your long-term goals and vision. From this, we will create a roadmap to get you there (to be). 

Adoption and Change Management Services

Built into our end-user Change Management approach is our signature offering called User Adoption and Change Management Services. This is a set of planning and management services that help users adapt to change allowing them to embrace and use the new system, as well as minimize productivity losses.

We prepare each user to effectively adopt new systems the moment they are deployed.


Rapid technology change can be difficult for users. You soon realize that:

  • Users are uncertain of what to expect and how they will be affected. They’re resistant to the unknown.
  • Your help desk is overwhelmed by a surge of calls from confused users.
  • Your users take a long time to piece together bits of information. Ultimately, many are still unable to fully utilize the new system.
  • The organization fails to achieve the expected return on investment.

With the increasing number of organizations undergoing technological change, these risks are only too real.

¿Por qué elegir Kentino?

Reconocimiento del sector

Premio 2018 a la Transformación de nuestros Servicios de Apoyo por ofrecer servicios de apoyo centrados en los datos y en el cliente.

Servicios certificados por el proveedor

Asociaciones globales estratégicas y certificaciones con los principales ISV.

Acuerdos de nivel de aplicación

Proporcionamos acuerdos de nivel de servicio para el tiempo de actividad de la aplicación, no sólo para el tiempo de actividad del servidor.

Experiencia del cliente que define el sector

Dedicated client success managers to help with adoption and fast response resolution, continuous support, and innovation.

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