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  • IT Intégration des services

Automate your IT processes with service integration

Streamlining and simplifying IT workflows, and removing manual processes through service integration, is a key focus for most IT teams. Service Integration allows you to reduce operational costs while providing automatic transmission of new incidents, problems, changes, and service requests from your service desk application to our IT Service management system. This gives you a real-time view of status updates from within your service desk application. You can also use our integration service to create an ecosystem of vendors and service providers.

Improve efficiency and simplify ICT administration

Eliminate manual processes, simplify administration and save time

With service integration you can eliminate manual processes, such as phone calls or rekeying information. Information from your own service desk ticketing system is routed seamlessly to our system. Likewise, updates from our system automatically will reflect in yours. These automated workflows ensure that the Mean Time to Repair is reduced and SLA monitoring is simplified.

Build cross-vendor collaboration and drive productivity

Bring your technology vendors and service providers together, improving collaboration across your supplier ecosystem. This will allow you to save on administration time and improve

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