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  • Civil engineering

    Precise and reliable computing models for static calculation and construction stability and acoustic properties. Prefabricate ISO shipment.

Reliable and precise static designs and bear load calculation with construction material shipment

We are professional and use state of art techniques to calculate bear loads and to find optimization in design and saving in materials. We cooperate closely with several construction material prefabricate manufacturers. We use advanced data modeling and strong basis of computing power to calculate and model buildings and other civil constructions.

Civil Engineering with IT

Computing Data Center Software requirements

Data computing center with its multiple use cases require unique set of software solution that helps you use its potential with full scale. We are widening use case coverage of our software solution ranging from Operating system for individual computing units to the management server and cloud management platform. We are adding and improving new features in daily basics to cover the most possible scenarios for intensive computing.

AntOS crypto-mining OS

For huge demand from our clients to include also cryptomining and blockchain support to our software solution we created dedicated version of Operation system called AntOS. This operating system comunicate with our main servers and provide you excellent interface to extend your computation use cases to Bitcoin, Ethereum and all other cryptocurrency mining. Usage of this Operating system is free of charge and already in package that we provide for you with no additional fees. It is daily updated and provide even better results than well known EthOS and HiveOS. It is based on linux open source system with additional proprietary extensions that are openly available for security testing.


Our intensive computing data management software is usually priced with the hardware that we provide as well. We do not sell licenses for our solution separately. All server solutions that range from small scale to big scale are covered with our software support ranging from several computing units to big mainframe configuration.


We encompass the practices and preparation that keep our  data computing center secure from threats, attacks, and unauthorized access. Aspects of data center security include physical security, requiring site planning to limit physical break-ins, and network security, where security engineers install firewalls and anti-malware programs to prevent breaches and with all these aspects our software is compliant. More recently, social engineering security has become an important aspect of keeping the data center secure. This involves maintaining and educating users about good security practices through awareness campaigns that help to make sure authorized persons do not unwittingly disclose information that unauthorized persons can use to defeat existing security measures and therefore we ensure that our clients understand best practices of password strength, crypto-wallets and that they are resistant to social physsing as well.

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Partner privilegiati

Capacità di integrazione e sviluppo di applicazioni che si estendono a tutti i principali fornitori di applicazioni aziendali a livello mondiale: forniamo la nostra soluzione anche a molti altri data center e centrali elettriche.

Consulente di fiducia

Impegno con i vostri clienti e il vostro team di customer experience per trasformare il vostro business guidando la strategia, migliorando la catena del valore e guidando l'innovazione.

Soluzioni personalizzate

Sviluppo di soluzioni applicative adatte allo scopo per soddisfare le vostre esigenze aziendali. Comprendiamo il vostro profilo e le vostre opzioni e vi offriamo la soluzione più efficiente e redditizia.

Funzionalità end-to-end

Servizi end-to-end, dallo sviluppo della strategia di trasformazione digitale all'esecuzione delle principali iniziative della roadmap, dall'implementazione delle tecnologie giuste alla gestione dell'ambiente.

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