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  • Server Housing

    We offer housing of computing servers and miner and all other IT hardware with technical hardware and software support

Servers, computers, rigs, miners, ASICs housing

We offer professional reliable housing of your hardware with professional support from our hardware technicians. We also provide our proprietary computing data center hybrid software management solution. Our data centers meets the highest standards for intensive computing and meet at least TIER2 specification requirements.  

Professional housing for your IT hardware

Data hybrid computing server housing

Most of our clients are using our service of management and housing of their hardware solution. We offer very convenient access and full support for your hardware including hardware support with technicians and software support and also execution specialist that will help you to execute and compute any tasks that you want maximize the output.

Alloggiamento del server

We offer very competitive pricing for housing with per month or per year pricing. Our data center dispose with the latest security implementation and is connected via optical connection directly to the network backbone offering up speed up to 100Gbits/s. We also provide 24/7 support and monitoring in our data centers.


GPU Miner housing

We are reacting to huge demand of cryptographers to house their machines. We go beyond this and offer even wider ussage of their machines to monetarize their income even more than by Ethereum or Bitcoin mining.

ASICs housing

Any specialized machine such as  ASICS for bitcoins, Ethereum and Dogecoin and proprietary ASICS are also welcome to be housed in out facility. We understand your demand for cheap electricity to maximize profitability in blockchain word. For more information please contact us.

Prices of server housing

Prediction of electricity prices in Europe

Prices of electricity are very volatile in Europe. 

Unfortunately due to waste regulations and bureaucracy in Europe there is very little possibility to build new Electric plants in near future and in next 10 years. Basically electric plants based on fossils like coal are not allowed and are closing now. Furthermore unfortunately relatively clean and cheap energy like form atomic source is not politically popular and is not planned in any European country to be expanded. Either built in solutions of small plug and play reactors are not allowed due to inflexible legislation in Czechia and Europe. Also clean energy sources like water energy and wind energy is “forbade”. There is little chance to get permission to built such power plant now. The only allowed source is solar energy on this moment. But unfortunately it would not solve increasing demand for energy during 365 days in year especially in winter. Therefore we can expect high prices in Europe compared to rest of the world.

Prices in our data centers

The price that client pay consist from two parts.

  1. daily / monthly payment for server, ASICs, rig housing that covers basic support.
  2. Price of electricity depending of the location.

Furthermore there is one time installation fee.

For electricity pricing you can use one of the best stocks OTE-CR. There you can find clear electricity prices from European market. To this price there are regulatory fees and distribution fees added depending of the location. These fees are usually stable and oscillate around 40 Eur per MW.

You can see that prices from year 2021 to 2023 doubled and in certain months they are 10 times higher. 

We recommend you to move your data centers outside of Europe and keep in Europe only necessary infrastructure and the most power consuming computing part to other countries. 

We are working hard on such location transformation process for our current clients now. Soon we open this option for new clients.

Why to house your computing hardware with Kentino?

Partner privilegiati

Capacità di integrazione e sviluppo di applicazioni che si estendono a tutti i principali fornitori di applicazioni aziendali a livello mondiale: forniamo la nostra soluzione anche a molti altri data center e centrali elettriche.

Consulente di fiducia

Impegno con i vostri clienti e il vostro team di customer experience per trasformare il vostro business guidando la strategia, migliorando la catena del valore e guidando l'innovazione.

Soluzioni personalizzate

Sviluppo di soluzioni applicative adatte allo scopo per soddisfare le vostre esigenze aziendali. Comprendiamo il vostro profilo e le vostre opzioni e vi offriamo la soluzione più efficiente e redditizia.

Funzionalità end-to-end

Servizi end-to-end, dallo sviluppo della strategia di trasformazione digitale all'esecuzione delle principali iniziative della roadmap, dall'implementazione delle tecnologie giuste alla gestione dell'ambiente.

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