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  1. Introduction 

The following General Business Terms and Conditions (“General Business Terms and Conditions“) regulate the relationships of parties to a purchase/licence agreement entered into by and between a.s., Co. Reg. No. 27082440, VAT Reg. No. CZ27082440, with its registered office at Jankovcova 1522/53, 170 00 Praha 7, registered in the Commercial Register with the Municipal Court in Prague, File No. 8573 (“Kentino” or “Seller”), and the Buyer (“Buyer“).

Detailed information about Kentino is available at, section “Chi siamo“.

Buyer, according to these General Business Terms and Conditions, is a natural person in the position of a consumer, or an enterprising natural person or a legal person.

Consumer is a private individual acting in a private capacity, entering into an agreement or otherwise dealing with Kentino.

Entrepreneur is an individual licensed to get engaged in business on one’s own account and responsibility with an intention to generate profit on a continuous basis. For the purposes of consumer protection, an entrepreneur is (including but not limited to) an individual entering into contracts/agreements relating to the entrepreneur’s business, manufacturing or similar activities or employment; or an individual acting on behalf or on account of an entrepreneur in question. For the purposes hereof, an entrepreneur is an individual acting in compliance with the preceding sentence as part of one’s own business. By entering the registration number in the order, the entrepreneur acknowledges being in a contractual relationship with Kentino considered as an entrepreneur and having been bound by the rules stipulated in the General Business Terms and Conditions for Entrepreneurs.

By creating the order, the Buyer acknowledges having been familiarized with these General Business Terms and Conditions prior to entering into the agreement for Buyer-consumer, namely with the representations and warranties given in Part II hereof, as well as with the Claims Code, Informativa sulla privacy, and Delivery Information constituting an integral part hereof, and explicitly agrees to the same in the wording valid and effective as at the moment of creating the order.

The Buyer acknowledges that the registered trademarks, trade names, company logos, etc. of Kentino or Kentino’s contractual partners cannot be used by the Buyer by virtue of having purchased the goods offered by Kentino, unless a specific agreement individually provides otherwise.

The Buyer will obtain a General Trade Conditions (GTC) copy as an attachment of the order confirmation to the specified e-mail address. An invoice containing essential contract information, including receipts according to the registration of sales and tax records law will be provided to the customer in the form of a link to the invoice download in an electronic form and the Buyer hereby agrees with that. References to the listed documents are sent to the Buyer’s e-mail address, which the Buyer includes in the order, or available upon signing into the Buyer’s user profile in the My Kentino section under My purchases. If you are interested in obtaining an invoice in paper form, you can use our contact form.

  1. Pre-contractual Representations and Warranties for Buyer-Consumer

Kentino informs the Buyer-consumer that:

  1. The cost of distance communication is subject to no additional fees (Kentino charges no additional fees to the amount charged by the Buyer’s internet/telephone provider; unlike in case of contractual deliveries).
  2. The Buyer is required to pay the purchase price before accepting the goods from Kentino or make an advance or similar payment for specific services if the same are offered by Kentino and requested by the Buyer.
  3. Kentino does not enter into ongoing contracts. If such contracts are facilitated by Kentino, the Buyer is informed about the shortest binding term of such contract by the provider in question, along with the price (or method of its determination) charged in one billing period (being at all times one month if such price is constant).
  4. Unless stipulated otherwise, the licence fee stipulated in a licence agreement entered into for an indefinite period is agreed for the entire licence term.
  5. The prices for goods and services displayed on the website operated by Kentino are quoted incl. and excl. VAT, with all statutory fees (if any). Shipping costs, however, vary with reference to the selected shipping method, carrier, and payment method of an order.
  6. Buyers-consumers can and may withdraw from the agreement (unless otherwise stipulated below) within a period of 14 days commencing on the day of:
  1. receiving the goods (purchase agreements);
  2. receiving the last delivery (agreements for the purchase of several types of goods/delivery of several parts); or

iii. receiving the first delivery (ongoing contracts);

they can withdraw in writing either by sending the notice of withdrawal to the Kentino central office, to the Kentino e-mail address, personally communicating it in any Kentino store, communicating it by placing a phone call, or completing the form available on the Kentino website.

  1. The Buyer-consumer cannot withdraw from an agreement for the:
  1. provision of services performed by Kentino with previous explicit consent of the consumer prior to the expiration of the period of notice;
  2. delivery of goods/services offered for the price affected by deviations in the financial market beyond Kentino’s control with a potential to occur during the period of notice;

iii. delivery of goods adjusted as per the requirements/for the needs of the consumer;

  1. delivery of fast-moving consumer goods/goods irreversibly mixed with other goods after delivery;
  2. repair or maintenance carried out in a place designated by the consumer as per the consumer’s request (save for other than requested repairs/delivery of other than requested spare parts);
  3. delivery of goods in a sealed packaging removed by the consumer whereby such goods cannot be returned for hygienic reasons;

vii. delivery of audio records/video records/PC programmes whereby the original packing of such products has been broken;

viii. delivery of newspapers, periodicals and magazines;

  1. transport or leisure services provided by an entrepreneur within a defined period; and
  2. delivery of a digital content (delivered other than on a physical carrier with previous explicit consent of the customer prior to the expiration of the period of notice whereby Kentino underlines that an agreement for the delivery of an on-line content cannot be withdrawn).
  1. The costs incurred in association with returning the goods to Kentino (withdrawn agreements)/costs of returning the goods other than by ordinary post if the nature of such goods so precludes (withdrawn agreements negotiated away from business premises) are borne by the Buyer consumer.
  1. The consumer is required to pay a pro-rata price for services already commenced to be provided under a withdrawn agreement.
  1. The agreements (respective invoices) are saved in the electronic archive accessible by the registered Kentino users directly from their user account.
  1. Any complaints can Buyer-consumer made by completing the contact form or reported to the supervisory/state supervision authorities.
  1. In case of pre-orders, the price of such goods is only estimated. The final price may vary. Kentino will inform the Buyer about any price change. The purchase price of the goods will be determined after the goods will be stored at the warehouse in Kentino. Any difference between the estimated price and the purchase price will be refunded by Kentino or the Buyer will pay the difference prior to the delivery of the goods unless the Buyer decides to cancel the pre-order. Kentino reserves the right to change the delivery date for pre-ordered goods, even repeatedly. In the event of a substantial change in the delivery date (i.e 14 days), the Buyer has the right to withdraw from the pre-order. If the circumstances Kentino had considered at the time of the pre-order change to the extent that Kentino cannot be reasonably required to be bound by the pre-order, Kentino has the right to cancel the pre-order without further notice and subsequently inform the Buyer.
  1. The official contact e-mail address is However, Kentino recommends using the contact form.
  1. Kentino hereby informs the Buyer-consumer, that Kentino provides free take-back of certain electronical equipment, batteries and accumulators under the conditions set out qui.

III. Agreement

  1. Execution

The order is created in the moment when the Buyer adds the requested product (goods, services, digital content) to the cart and sends the order or using the “Buy Now” service (registered users only). The Buyer may as well enter into the agreement with the assistance of Kentino customer service representatives, either by telephone or by email. The Buyer can change the products added to the cart as well as the selected shipping and payment method, i.e. check the order details, before placing a firm order. The Buyer is obliged to check each detail which was stated while creating the order. The purchase agreement is entered into upon the moment the Buyer submits the order and the order in question is received by Kentino whereby Kentino assumes no liability for any mistakes and errors (if any) having occurred during the transfer of data. The Buyer is informed about the executed agreement in a confirmation e-mail letter sent by Kentino to the e-mail address provided by the Buyer.

The confirmation email letter is sent along with the Kentino’s General Business Terms and Conditions and Claims Code. Unless stated in the General Business Terms and Conditions otherwise, the executed agreement (incl. agreed price) may be amended or terminated only with the agreement of the parties or in cases stipulated by law.

Orders in excess of CZK 100,000 / 4000 Euro incl. VAT placed within a single transaction and/or day will be required by the Kentino system to be placed using a registered user account; only user accounts used in the past to place at least one e-shop order completed under a valid agreement not prematurely terminated by the Buyer will be allowed. If the Buyer does not meet the above conditions, Kentino has the right to cancel his order immediately.

The Buyer acknowledges that if the subject of the purchase is a motor vehicle or a Mystery package, it is not possible to conclude a purchase agreement remotely. Unless stated otherwise, the signing of the handover protocol by the Buyer is the moment of concluding the purchase agreement.

If any gift is provided with the goods that the Buyer will not use, the Buyer is obliged to contact Kentino in advance and inform Kentino that he is not interested in the gift. In that case, the goods will be sold to the Buyer without this gift. If the Buyer does not inform Kentino in advance and accepts the gift, the Buyer is then, in case of withdraw of the agreement according to article IV. 1. herein, obliged to return that gift.

The executed agreement is archived by Kentino for at least five years from the execution day, however, not longer than for the period stipulated by relevant law. Archived for the performance purposes, the agreement is not additionally available to other than involved third parties. Information about the individual technical steps to be taken in order to enter into an agreement is implied by and the process of entering into an agreement is comprehensibly described herein.

  1. Delivery

Under the purchase agreement, Kentino undertakes to deliver the goods to the Buyer, provide the digital content/licence to the Buyer and enable the Buyer to acquire the title/licence to the goods/digital content purchased under the purchase agreement; the Buyer undertakes to receive the goods/digital content from and pay the purchase price to Kentino.

As Kentino reserves the right of ownership to the goods, the Buyer acquires the title to the goods only after the purchase price has been paid in full. The same applies with necessary modifications also to the purchased licences or services.

Kentino shall delivers the goods to the Buyer along with relevant documents pertaining thereto and enables the Buyer to acquire the title to the goods/licence in compliance with the agreement.

Kentino shall fulfil its obligation to hand over the goods to the Buyer if it allows the Buyer to take possession of the goods at the place of performance and notifies the Buyer thereabout in due course.

Products to be shipped by Kentino are delivered to the Buyer (entrepreneur) by submitting the goods to the first shipping company and enabling the Buyer to claim the rights implied by the shipping agreement with the shipping company. Goods designated for Buyers-consumers are delivered by Kentino to the Buyers-consumers only after Kentino receives the goods in question from the shipping company.

If the subject of the purchase is digital content, the subject of the purchase is deemed to have been handed over at the moment when Kentino delivers an e-mail message to the Buyer with a link to download it or when it makes the download link available in the Buyer’s user profile. Kentino hereby informs that the download link for the digital content is only valid for a period of 60 days. The Buyer is therefore obliged to download the digital content within this period.

If more items are delivered in excess of the amount agreed, the purchase agreement is deemed entered into for the number of delivered items; unless the Buyer rejects such items without undue delay.

Kentino shall deliver the purchased goods to the Buyer in the agreed amount, quality and design.

If not agreed otherwise, the goods is packed by Kentino by convention; if no convention exists, the goods in question is packed as to provide for its protection and preservation. The same applies also to goods to be shipped.

To minimise damage (if any) and ensure smooth delivery of goods ordered within a single transaction and/or day in excess of CZK 100,000 / 4000 Euro incl. VAT, Kentino reserves the right to deliver the goods to the Buyer only after the purchase price is paid in full. Once the purchase price is paid in full by the Buyer, the goods are dispatched by  as specified by the Buyer in the order.

  1. Risk of Damage

The goods are faulty if it lacks the agreed characteristics. The goods are deemed faulty also if the Buyer is delivered other than the ordered goods or the documents necessary for the use of the goods in question contain defects.

The Buyer can claim improper performance with reference to the defect inherent to the goods at that moment the risk of damage passes to the Buyer although the defect in question becomes evident only later. The Buyer can claim the rights also with reference to a defect that has become evident later as result of a breach of Kentino’s obligation.

The Buyer is to examine the goods, its characteristics and quantity as soon as feasible after the risk of damage to the goods passes to the Buyer. The Buyer is obliged to inform Kentino about any detected defects and deficiencies without undue delay.

The risk of damage passes to the Buyer upon accepting the goods in question; the same applies also to cases where the Buyer rejects to accept the goods although having been enabled by Kentino to view and try the goods.

Damage to the goods occurring after the risk of damage has passed to the Buyer does not affect the Buyer’s obligation to pay the purchase price unless the damage occurred as result of a breach of Kentino’s obligation.

If one party is delayed in accepting the goods, the other party may and can reasonably sell the goods at the expense of the delayed party and do so following a prior notice and providing the delayed party with an additional reasonable period to accept the goods. The same applies also to delays on payment where the goods cannot be accepted unless the purchase price is paid.

  1. Liability (Kentino)

Kentino guarantees to the Buyer that the goods are free from defects when received by the Buyer. In particular, Kentino guarantees to the Buyer that, at the moment the goods are received by the Buyer:

  1. The goods have the characteristics agreed by the parties or (if no agreement is reached), the characteristics described by Kentino or the manufacturer or expected by the Buyer with reference to the nature of the goods and related advertisement.
  2. The goods can be used for the purposes stated by Kentino or for the purposes for which the goods of that kind are usually used.
  3. The goods are provided in the corresponding quantity, measurement or weight.
  4. The goods comply with the requirements stipulated by law.

If the goods are found faulty within six months after having been received by the Buyer, the goods are deemed to have been faulty already when received by the Buyer.

Unless stipulated otherwise, the Buyer may and can claim faulty consumer goods within 24 months after receipt. This does not apply to:

  1. discount-related defects;
  2. usual wear and tear;
  3. defects caused by ordinary use or wear and tear and evident at the moment of receipt by the Buyer; or
  4. cases implied by the nature of the case.

The Buyer may and can claim faulty consumables (cosmetics, drugstore items, etc.) within twenty-four (24) months. If, however, a best before date is indicated on the goods, the warranty period is shortened and terminates on the date indicated on the packaging.

The Consumer acknowledges that if any gifts are received with their order, it is not possible to claim faulty gifts within 24 months of their receipt. The Consumer may and can claim faulty gifts only within 14 days of their receipt. The Entrepreneur cannot claim faulty gifts.

The warranty periods are stipulated in the Claims Code.

The warranty period for Buyers-entrepreneurs may be different; the different warranty period, however, applies only if explicitly stated and is applied with a priority.

Improper performance cannot be claimed if the Buyer was aware about the defect before accepting the goods or if the defect in question was caused by the Buyer.

Discounted/used goods found faulty can and may be subject to a reasonable discount rather than replacement.

  1. Material Breach

If improper performance occurs within the specified period and constitutes a material breach of the agreement, the Buyer may and can:

  1. have the defect removed by being delivered a new defect-free goods or the missing part if such is not unreasonable with respect to the nature of the defect in question; in case of a component part affected by the defect, the Buyer can only claim that the component part in question be replaced; if such is not feasible, the Buyer may withdraw from the agreement; if, however, the above is not reasonable with respect to the nature of the defect in question, especially if the defect can be removed without undue delay, the Buyer may and can have the defect removed for free;
  2. have the defect removed by repair;
  3. be given a reasonable discount on the purchase price; or
  4. withdraw from the agreement.

When claiming the defect in question, the Buyer informs Kentino as to which of the aforementioned options the Buyer has selected and does so either immediately or without undue delay thereafter whereby the selected option can be then changed only if so approved by Kentino; with the exception of a defect requested by the Buyer to be repaired and subsequently being identified as irreparable. If the defects are not removed by Kentino within a reasonable period or if the Buyer is informed by Kentino that the defects in question will not be removed, the Buyer may and can claim a reasonable discount on the purchase price instead of withdrawing from the agreement or withdraw from the agreement.

If the Buyer fails to select one of the options mentioned above, the rights implied by immaterial breach apply – see below.

In addition to cases where Kentino cannot deliver a new defect-free goods, replace the component part or repair the goods, Buyers-consumers may and can claim a reasonable discount also in cases where Kentino fails to remedy the situation within a reasonable period or where the remedy would cause significant inconvenience to the Buyer.

  1. Immaterial Breach

If improper performance constitutes other than material breach, the Buyer may and can have the defect removed or be given a reasonable discount on the purchase price.

Unless the Buyer claims the discount on the purchase price or withdraws from the agreement, Kentino may deliver the missing parts or remove the legal defect. Other defects can be removed at Kentino’s discretion either by repair or delivery of a new goods.

If Kentino fails to remove the defect in due course or refuses to remove the defect, the Buyer may claim a reasonable discount on the purchase price or withdraw from the agreement whereby the selected option can then be changed only if so approved by Kentino.

  1. General Breach

The Buyer may claim to have the defect removed by being delivered a new thing or a replaced component part also in cases where the defect can be removed but the goods cannot be used because of a repeated occurrence of the defect after repair (third claim of the same defect) or a larger number of defects (at least three defects at the same time).In such cases, the Buyer may and can withdraw from the agreement.

If being delivered a new goods, the Buyer returns the original goods back to Kentino (along with all accessories delivered together with the goods itself) and does so at Kentino’s cost.

Buyers failing to report the defect without undue delay after the defect could have been identified by the Buyer had the goods been examined in due course and with sufficient care will not be adjudicated by court the rights under improper performance. The same applies also to a hidden defect not reported without undue delay after the defect could have been identified by the Buyer had the goods been examined with sufficient care, however, not later than within two years after the goods have been delivered to the Buyer.

  1. Quality Warranty

In providing the quality warranty, Kentino undertakes that the goods in question will be fit for the ordinary purpose or will preserve the ordinary characteristics. The same applies also to the warranty period or best before date indicated on the packaging or advertised. The warranty may as well be arranged with reference to individual component parts of the goods.

The warranty period commences on the day the goods are delivered to the Buyer. If the goods are to be shipped to the Buyer as agreed in the agreement, the warranty period commences only on the day the goods are shipped to the designated place. If the purchased goods are to be put into operation by a party other than Kentino, the warranty period commences only on the day the goods are put into operation, provided that the respective service of putting the goods into operation is ordered by the Buyer no later than within three weeks after the goods are received and that necessary assistance and co-operation of the Buyer to render this service are provided.

The Buyer cannot claim warranty with reference to a defect caused by outside circumstances after the risk of damage has passed to the Buyer.

  1. Digital Content

In using the digital content (including software, PC games, console games, etc.) purchased from Kentino, the Buyer is to comply with the obligations stipulated herein, copyright law and product licence (e.g. EULA). Buyers failing to comply therewith are liable to damages and may face criminal consequences.

Buyers of the digital content (being private individuals only) may and can use the digital content exclusively for their personal use and for the purposes other than economic or business benefit, whether direct or indirect, unless the licence states otherwise. The Buyers further cannot copy or otherwise reproduce, make copies of or extracts from and otherwise handle the purchased digital content contrary to copyright law, other legal regulations or product licence. Access to the digital content may be denied and/or the licence deactivated if the digital content has been obtained illegally.

The same applies also to the digital content given by Kentino to the Buyer free of charge.

  1. Special Rules When Buying a Motor Vehicle

The contract for the sale of a personal motor vehicle can be concluded only in the physical presence of the Buyer at the Kentino store, where the Buyer can examine the vehicle and where the Buyer will be acquainted with the vehicle operation and warranty and service conditions. Kentino will also answer any questions the Buyer may have.  

If the Buyer decides to make a reservation, Kentino may request a deposit, which will be shown to the Buyer in advance, after inserting the motor vehicle to the cart. This deposit is payable upon the confirmation. This deposit will be set off against the purchase price. In case of cancellation, Kentino will refund the deposit to the Buyer within 7 days. The deposit does not carry any interest.

The order confirmation from the Kentino information system serves only as a confirmation of the reservation of the respective motor vehicle, whose detailed specification is included in the handover protocol.

After the vehicle is presented to the Buyer, it may be handed over to the Buyer. A handover report will be made to document the receipt.

The Buyer becomes the owner of the vehicle by fully paying the purchase price and accepting the vehicle. Similarly, this rule applies to the purchase of related licences or services.

If the contract for the sale of a personal motor vehicle is concluded with the Buyer in a long-distance manner and the Buyer withdraws from the contract within the statutory 14-day period from the date of the handover in a situation where the Buyer has already registered the vehicle with the appropriate registry of motor vehicles (or a technical data sheet has been issued to the Buyer by the competent authority), Kentino will not refund the purchase price in full, but reduced by the amount that the value of this vehicle has decreased as a result of its registration in the registry of motor vehicles (or due to the issuing of a technical data sheet for this vehicle by the competent authority). The minimal amount is 30%.

Unless this article stipulates otherwise, the contractual relationship established by the purchase agreement for the sale of a personal motor vehicle is governed by the relevant provisions of the General Business Terms and Conditions

  1. Special Rules When Buying a Mystery Pack

The Mystery Pack purchase agreement may only be concluded in the physical presence of the Buyer at the Kentino store, where Kentino employees shall explain how the Mystery Pack works. Kentino will also answer any questions the Buyer may have. Only then will the Mystery Pack be handed over to the Buyer, thereby concluding a purchase agreement between the Buyer and Kentino.

The order confirmation from the Kentino information system serves only as a confirmation of the reservation of the Mystery Pack.

The Buyer becomes the owner of the Mystery Pack by fully paying the purchase price and collecting the Pack. Similarly, this rule applies to the purchase of related licences or services.

  1. Special Rules When Buying Footwear

Given the environmental impact, Kentino recommends that Buyers carefully measure their shoe size when purchasing footwear to avoid unnecessary withdrawals.   

Kentino also recommends the Buyer to try on the shoes immediately after receiving them, in clean socks to ensure a minimal hygienic impact on the footwear.

In the event of withdrawal from the purchase agreement, the Buyer must return the shoes clean, unused, and in the original box (as if the Buyer was trying the shoes in a shop). If the conditions stated in the previous sentence are not fulfilled (the shoes are worn, used, dirty or even damaged), Kentino is entitled to compensation for a reduction in the price of the goods. The Buyer acknowledges, that inappropriate use of the shoes during trying them can lead to a significant reduction in the value of the goods and therefor even the significant reduction of the returned purchase price to the Buyer for damages for this reduction. 

  1. Resale

If the Buyer resells the item purchased from Kentino, donates it, or otherwise transfers the ownership to another person, the Buyer is obligated to communicate this to Kentino.

If the Buyer fails to notify Kentino, Kentino will continue to consider the Buyer to be the owner of the item and therefore the person entitled to any rights and compensation related to its defective performance.

  1. Special Rules When Buying Alcoholic Beverages

The purchase of alcoholic beverages and the visit of the sites where alcoholic beverages are offered is prohibited for persons under the age of 18. Before placing an order of alcoholic beverage, the Buyer is obliged to declare the minimum age of 18. Kentino declares and the Buyer acknowledges that when receipt an alcoholic beverage, Kentino, or the carrier or any other entity that delivers the alcoholic beverage to the Buyer, is entitled to check the identity card or other proof of identity to verify that the Buyer is over 18 years of age. If the Buyer does not submit to this inspection or is under 18 years of age, the alcoholic beverage will not be issued to the Buyer and there will be an automatic withdrawal from the purchase contract by Kentino. The Buyer acknowledges that the consumption of alcoholic beverages inside and around Kentino’s stores is strictly prohibited.

  1. Special Rules When Buying Vouchers of Third Parties (does not apply to Kentino gift vouchers)

Kentino is only a seller of the voucher. The service provider and the seller of the goods, as a performance provided on the basis of a voucher, is a third party (provider). Therefore, in order to use the performance associated with the voucher, the Buyer has to contact the relevant provider and negotiate with him the details of the provision of a specific service and / or receipt of a specific goods. After purchasing the voucher, the Buyer will receive a unique voucher code to the e-mail address specified in his customer profile, the address provided by the Buyer when completing the order process. The risks associated with this voucher will hereby pass to the Buyer. The Buyer shall communicate this unique code to the Provider before the actual provision of the service and / or receipt of the goods. The provider will verify the validity of the code and without undue delay (unless otherwise agreed with the Buyer) will provide the Buyer with the service in question and / or hand over the goods. The voucher is considered redeemed at the moment when the provider enters the unique voucher code into the Kentino information system (verifies its validity). The Buyer is entitled to withdraw from the purchase agreement for the purchase of the voucher within 14 days from the date of receipt of the voucher, this does not apply if the Buyer has already used the voucher within this period. In case of a complaint about the goods and / or services, Kentino recommends the Buyer to contact the provider in priority, with regard to the possibility of faster settlement of complaints and the possibility of arranging a substitute performance with the provider for a specific service and / or goods according to the voucher.

  1. Withdrawal

If the withdrawal concerns a device on which the Buyer has stored some personal data, Kentino recommends that the Buyer back up his/her personal data and then delete it from the device.

  1. Withdrawal by the Buyer-Consumer

Consumers may and can withdraw from the agreement within a period of 14 days. The period stated in the first sentence commences on the day the agreement is executed, this being the day of:

  1. receiving the goods (purchase agreements);
  2. receiving the last delivery (agreements for the purchase of several types of goods/delivery of several parts); or
  3. receiving the first delivery (ongoing contracts).

Consumers may withdraw from the agreement by completing and submitting the form; once submitted, the completed form is confirmed as received by Kentino in writing without undue delay.

Consumers may withdraw from the agreement also by sending a notice of withdrawal to: – Reklamace,

Cestmirova 25

14000 Praga


If the Buyer-Consumer withdraws from the agreement, then is obliged to return to Kentino the goods delivered by Kentino and do so at consumer’s cost without undue delay, however, no later than within 14 days after withdrawing from the agreement.

The goods are to be returned by the Buyer-Consumer complete, i.e. along with the delivered accessories and complete documentation, undamaged, clean, in the original packaging (if possible) and in the condition and value in which the goods have been received by the Buyer. Any fuel tanks returned as part of the returned goods must be returned empty.

Agreements for the purchase of consumables (cosmetics, drugstore items, etc.) may be withdrawn only if the consumables in question are returned by the Buyer-Consumer undamaged, unused and in the original packaging.

Buyers-Consumers deciding to withdraw from the agreement in the given period are recommended by Kentino to send the goods to Kentino’s address along with a cover letter incl. the reason for withdrawal (not necessary), reference number of the proof of purchase and number of bank account so that the case can be addressed without delay. The cover letter will also state whether the Consumer wishes to receive the refund in cash or in Kentino Credit.

Buyers-Consumers are liable to Kentino for any decrease in value of the goods caused by handling the goods other than as required by the nature and characteristics of the goods.

In the event of cash reimbursement, Kentino may require that the Buyer-Consumer present his/her ID card (passport or passport) in order to prevent any potential damages or money laundering. If the Buyer-Consumer fails to present either of these documents, Kentino may refuse to make a reimbursement.

Buyers-Consumers withdrawing from the agreement are refunded the entire amount paid under the agreement whereby this amount is refunded by Kentino without undue delay, however, no later than within 14 days following the withdrawal, and with the use of the same method of payment as agreed in the agreement. If Kentino is entitled to compensation for the reduction in the value of the goods, this will be included in the Buyer-Consumer’s claim for a refund of the purchase price.

If the Buyer-Consumer has full registration (filled name, surname, address and contact email in a customer profile on Kentino can refund the money—with the exception of shipping cost—via special gift cards (Kentino Credit) on the Buyer-Customer’s request, which can be used under the Kentino Credit service.

Buyers-Consumers withdrawing from the agreement may be refunded the entire amount paid only after the goods are returned to Kentino or after the Buyer-Consumer prove that the goods have been sent to Kentino. The Buyer-Consumer is obliged to return the goods to Kentino without undue delay after withdrawal from the contract, but no later than within 14 days.

Buyer-Consumers acknowledge that if the goods are delivered along with any gifts, Kentino and the Buyer-Consumer enters into a contract of donation on the condition that such contract of donation terminates as soon as the consumer enjoys its right and withdraws from the purchase agreement within a period of 14 days whereby the Buyer-Consumer must return the goods in question along with the gifts and everything obtained in relation thereto; if not returned, the same will be considered unjust enrichment. If the profits acquired by unjust enrichment cannot be returned, Kentino may and can claim monetary compensation in the amount of ordinary price. Withdrawal from the gift contract does not terminate the purchase contract and the contracts are considered in this respect to be separate.

  1. Withdrawal by the Buyer-Entrepreneur and in Other Cases

The Buyer-entrepreneur is not allowed to withdraw from the purchase agreement if the price of the purchased goods exceeds 50,000 CZK incl. VAT or in the case of a graphics card purchase.

If allowed to withdraw from the purchase agreement, the Buyer-entrepreneur acknowledges that the purchase price paid may and can be refunded less the reduced value of the goods in question.

Compensation for the reduction in the value of the goods or compensation for the costs of reintroduction of the goods for sale will be included in the returned purchase price to the Buyer-entrepreneur.

If the goods in question cannot be returned in the condition originally received by the Buyer-entrepreneur, the agreement cannot be withdrawn or delivery of a new goods claimed. This does not apply if:

  1. The condition changed due to the inspection of the goods for defects.
  2. The goods were used by the Buyer-entrepreneur before the goods were found defective.
  3. The goods cannot be returned in the original condition for reasons other than beyond control (willful act or neglect) of the Buyer-entrepreneur. OR
  4. The goods were sold by the Buyer-entrepreneur before the goods were found defective, consumed by the Buyer-entrepreneur or altered by the Buyer-entrepreneur in ordinary use. If only a part of the goods were used and Kentino allows the Buyer-entrepreneur to withdrawn from the purchase agreement, consumed or altered, the Buyer-entrepreneur returns to Kentino everything that can be returned and compensates Kentino up to the amount of benefit received from using the goods.
  5. If the Buyer-entrepreneur does not report the defect in the period, the Buyer-entrepreneur loses the right to withdraw from the agreement.

In order to protect the rights of the Buyer-entrepreneur if the Buyer is a legal entity and will require payment of a credit note in cash directly at the Kentino branch, then the relevant amount will be transferred only to persons authorized to act on behalf of the legal entity, ie. to a statutory body, or to a person who is presented with a certified power of attorney, or to a person who is listed as the “administrator” in the buyer’s profile at and proves themselves by an identity card.

  1. Withdrawal in Case of Using the Cashvoucher Service

Cashvoucher is a service provided with the exclusive consent of the Buyer, who can choose it as an alternative to a standard refund if the Buyer withdraws from the purchase agreement within the claim process or within the withdrawal from an agreement in accordance with the Business terms.. The Cashvoucher service is governed by the special terms and conditions listed qui.

  1. Withdrawal From an Agreement by Kentino in Case of Pricing Errors

Except for cases stipulated by law, Kentino is entitled to withdraw from the contract in case of an obvious pricing error.

Kentino can and may withdraw from the contract pursuant to this point within 14 days of the day following the date of conclusion of the purchase agreement between the Buyer and Kentino by Kentino canceling the order or by otherwise indicating to the Buyer that it is withdrawing from the agreement.

If the Buyer has paid at least part of the purchase price of the goods, this amount will be transferred back to his/her bank account no later than 14 days from the day following the date of withdrawal from the contract by Kentino.

  1. Withdrawal From an Agreement by Kentino in Case of Selling Alcoholic Beverages

Kentino declares and the Buyer acknowledges that upon collection of any alcoholic beverage, Kentino, or the carrier or any other entity delivering the alcoholic beverage to the Buyer, is entitled to check the identity card or other proof of identity in order to verify that the Buyer is over 18 years of age. If the Buyer fails to submit to this check or is under 18 years of age, the alcoholic beverage will not be delivered to the Buyer and the Purchase Agreement will be automatically cancelled by Kentino. If the Buyer has paid at least part of the purchase price of the goods, this amount will be refunded to the Buyer within 14 days of the day following the date of withdrawal by Kentino, in the same manner as Kentino accepted the payment from the Buyer.

  1. Personal Data Protection and Security

The terms and conditions for personal data protection are available here. These terms are legally binding for the Buyer.

  1. Business Hours

Orders placed in the Kentino e-shop are accepted 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In cases of an information system failure or higher power, Kentino assumes no liability for non-observance of the stipulated business hours of the e-shop.

Business hours of all Kentino stores are listed on the Kentino website; the business hours may change.

VII. Prices

The prices are contract prices. Prices quoted on-line in the e-shop are always up to date, valid, and listed in Czech crowns (CZK), with the exception of cases when the wrong price is stated as stipulated in the provisions below in this article.

Prices quoted for individual products are final, that is, incl. VAT and other taxes and fees (if any) payable by the Buyer-consumer for a product in question (excl. shipping fees, collection fees and cost of distance communication shown in the shopping cart in the amount depending on the option selected by the Buyer).

If Kentino has purchased the goods from a non-VAT payer and offers them in the used, new, or unpacked category, the price of the goods is calculated net of VAT in accordance with the provisions of Art. § 90 of Act no. 235/2004 Coll., On Value Added Tax. The Buyer acknowledges that this fact may be reflected in the invoice for the order in question.

The Buyer acknowledges that the final prices for products are given after rounding to whole crowns in accordance with the relevant legislation, so in specific situations, the final sum of all purchased products may differ minutely from the purchase price originally indicated. This may happen due to rounding to whole crowns. Detailed breakdown of purchase price, incl. hellers is always listed in the buyer’s cart.

Special promotion prices are valid either until Kentino’s stocks are exhausted (with displayed information as to the number of items in question offered for the special promotion price) or for a limited period, depends on whichever occurs first.

It is Kentino’s interest to inform the Buyer as accurately as possible about the real value of discounts provided on the goods/services/licences sold on its e-shop. The original price means the lowest price at which the goods/services/licences in question were sold by Kentino on its e-shop in the 30 days preceding the 1st day of the calendar month, without taking into account any possible bonuses, sales promotion marketing campaigns and other sales or price drops. In addition, if the product/service/licence is included in a sales  campaign with separate campaign terms and conditions in which the discount is granted automatically (e.g. Black Friday, Summer Sale), then the original price is recalculated for the 30-day period immediately preceding the date of inclusion of the product/service/licence in the campaign.

The Buyer acknowledges that Kentino and the Buyer need necessarily not enter into the agreement, especially if the goods or related services (delivery, extended warranty insurance, etc.). are ordered by the Buyer for a price mistakenly quoted on the website due to the internal Kentino system error or Kentino’s staff misconduct. In that case, Kentino is entitled to withdraw from such a contract, even after the Buyer has received an e-mail confirming the order. In such case, Kentino informs the Buyer of this fact without undue delay. Examples of pricing errors may include:

  • the price of the goods is clearly and obviously incorrect (e.g. does not reflect the original purchase price or the regular price of the goods);
  • the price is missing one or more digits, or shows more digits than it should;
  • the discount exceeds 50% without the goods being part of a special marketing campaign or a sale marked with a special symbol and advertising the appropriate discount sum.

Kentino would like to point out that the Kentino information system may automatically state that the goods are on sale even when the price is obviously wrong. In case the Buyer has any doubt whether the goods are really discounted or it is a pricing mistake, the Buyer is obligated to contact Kentino and verify the price status.

Kentino reserves the right to declare the purchase agreement void in case of misused personal data, TIN/CIN numbers, misused payment card, etc. or with reference to the intervention of an administrative or court authority of which the Buyer is informed by Kentino. The Buyer acknowledges that the purchase price cannot be entered into as valid in the aforementioned cases.

In addition, Kentino reserves the right to declare a purchase agreement void if unauthorised use of a discount card or similar voucher has been made in violation of its terms and conditions, in particular if:

  • the discount card was applied to goods other than those for which it was intended;
  • the discount card was used in conjunction with another discount, even if the addition of these discounts has not been expressly prohibited;
  • the discount card was used for a purchase in the amount below the minimum set price;
  • Kentino discovers that the discount card has already been used.

The Buyer acknowledges that in these cases the purchase agreement cannot be validly concluded, and the Buyer acknowledges that Kentino is entitled to claim, among other things, unjust enrichment.

VIII. Orders

Orders can be placed as follows:

  1. in the e-shop operated by Kentino (“e-shop“);
    b. by e-mail via;
    c. in person in one of the Kentino stores;
    d. by chat;
    e. by phone.

Orders directly to some of our shops can be placed at any time within the opening hours of this shop. Telephone orders can be placed through the Kentino call center during the business hours of the call center.

Kentino recommends placing the orders in the e-shop by logging into the Buyer’s user account registered with Kentino. If using public access, Kentino further recommends logging out after placing the order.

Information about the exact shipping time is included in the e-mail letter sent to the Buyer. The shipping period and fees depend on the option selected by the Buyer in the second step of placing the order.

  1. Payment Methods

Kentino accepts the following for methods of payment.

Unless paid in full and received, the goods remain the property of Kentino. The risk of damage passes to the Buyer upon receipt.

Once the order is placed, the billing details of the Buyer cannot be edited.

Kentino reserves the right to offer only some methods of payment to the Buyer and do so at its own discretion.

Under the Sales Registration Act, Kentino is required to provide the customer with a receipt and register the sale with the tax office online; in the case of technical difficulties, this may be done within 48 hours after the sale has been completed.

In the case of payment by credit card at the store, the Buyer is obligated to conceal his/her credit card information and the PIN code.

Payments in Cryptocurrency

The Buyer may also choose to pay in one of the cryptocurrencies accepted by Kentino (e.g. Bitcoin). If the Buyer in such case for any reason requests a refund of the purchase price for the goods so purchased, the purchase price may be refunded only in the currency indicated on the invoice for the goods so purchased (usually in Czech crowns) and in the amount indicated on the invoice. Any fluctuations in the cryptocurrency exchange rate will not be taken into account when refunding the purchase price, which the Buyer acknowledges.


If the Buyer withdraws from a concluded contract with Kentino, or if the Buyer is refunded for any other reason, Kentino will return the funds received from him/her under the purchase agreement in the same manner. The Buyer is responsible for providing the correct and accurate data for the refund, which the Buyer communicates to Kentino if it is not possible to return the funds in the same way as the payment for the order (e.g. the customer paid in cash at the store or courier, the customer’s payment card expired and Kentino does not have other payment details of the Buyer), or in the event that Kentino, at its own discretion, complies with the Buyer’s request to change the method of refund.

  1. Delivery Conditions
  2. Delivery Options

Kentino provides or arranges various delivery/shipping options according to the current availability of individual services and with regard to their capacity and range. In case of force majeure or IT system disruption, Kentino assumes no liability for late delivery of goods.

Information about the offered options, up-to-date terms and conditions and prices is available at HERE.

  1. Other Conditions

If the Buyer is collecting an order that has been paid in advance on-line, the Buyer shall present an identification PIN code, which Kentino will send to the phone number stated by the Buyer in his/her order. The Buyer is obligated to ensure that this PIN code is not disclosed to any other person and is not misused in any other way.

To prevent damage/legitimisation of proceeds of crime (if any), Kentino or Kentino’s contractual partners may and can request that the goods paid in advance be collected against a valid identity document (ID card, passport). Unless the said document is presented, the goods in question may and can be refused by Kentino or Kentino’s contractual partners to be collected. This right arises with the provisions of Art. § 2900 of the Civil Code, which stipulates the duty of prevention and precaution.

Goods purchased with a 0% VAT rate by Buyer-entrepreneur who is a VAT payer at the moment of purchase will be delivered only to the governing body of the legal entity in question, to the person authorized in the submitted authenticated power of attorney, or to the person listed as the “administrator” in the Buyer’s profile on the website Goods purchased by Buyers-freelancers being VAT payers at the moment of purchase will be delivered to the Buyer-freelancer in question only against a valid ID document (ID card or passport).

If not collected personally at the store, goods purchased by Buyers being VAT payers at the moment of purchase and invoiced with a 0% VAT rate will be obligatorily delivered to the central office or business premises registered in the Commercial Register, Register of Trade or a similar register.

When receiving the goods from the shipping company, the Buyer – along with the shipping company representative – is to properly and thoroughly inspect the consignment (namely the number of parcels, intact sealing tape bearing the company logo, and intact packaging) as per the enclosed delivery note. The Buyer may refuse to accept the delivery shipped contrary to the purchase agreement, for instance with reference to incomplete or damaged consignment. If accepting the damaged consignment from the shipping company, the Buyer is to describe the damage in the delivery note of the shipping company.

Incomplete or damaged consignments must be immediately reported by e-mail to and the damage be described in the report on damage executed with the shipping company representatives and sent to Kentino by chat/—-/, e-mail or post without undue delay. Any subsequent claims of incomplete delivery or damaged packaging do not limit the Buyer’s right to claim the warranty; yet, they enable Kentino to prove that the same do not represent a conflict with the purchase agreement.

  1. Garanzia

The warranty terms and conditions are governed by the Kentino Claims Code and relevant provisions of Czech law. In general, the warranty certificate is replaced by the proof of purchase (please see the Claims Code for more details).

XII. Closing Provisions

Relationships and possible disputes arising from the contract shall be settled exclusively under the law of the Czech Republic and shall be settled by the competent courts of the Czech Republic. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods does not apply.

Any disputes arising

mation about the alternative dispute resolution can be found qui. Kentino, however, recommends the Buyer to first contact Kentino to address the situation.

The agreement is entered into in the Czech language. If the agreement is required to be translated for the Buyer into another language, the Czech version prevails in case of discrepancies between the two language versions.

These General Business Terms and Conditions and parts hereto come into force and effect on 21 November 2022, repealing all the previous versions and their parts, and are available at the Kentino headquarters and stores or on-line at

Termini di servizio


Esclusione di responsabilità legale 

Con la presente, il venditore declina espressamente tutte le garanzie, espresse o implicite, di commerciabilità o idoneità a uno scopo particolare. Tale esclusione di responsabilità da parte del venditore non influisce in alcun modo sui termini dell'eventuale garanzia del produttore. La proprietà della merce oggetto del presente acquisto è detenuta dal venditore fino al completo pagamento della merce da parte dell'acquirente e in quel momento la proprietà passa all'acquirente. Se la merce oggetto del presente acquisto viene acquistata a scopo di esportazione, l'acquirente deve ottenere dal governo federale determinati documenti di esportazione prima di spedirla in un paese straniero. Inoltre, le garanzie dei produttori per i prodotti esportati possono variare o addirittura essere nulle. In caso di domande, si prega di informarsi. Ogni responsabilità riguarda esclusivamente i prodotti acquistati.

Termini e condizioni: 

Informazioni su di noi è un sito gestito dalla società Kentino s.r.o. . Siamo registrati nella Repubblica Ceca a Praga con il numero di società CZ05066743 e con sede legale a Cestmirova 25, 14000 Praga, Repubblica Ceca. Ci siamo affermati in questo settore nel 2012 e operavamo con un nome commerciale diverso e abbiamo aggiornato il logo e il nome in Kentino s.r.o. nel 2016.

I nostri prodotti e le nostre descrizioni

Le immagini e le descrizioni dei Prodotti presenti sul Sito hanno scopo puramente illustrativo e sono concepite per fornire un'idea approssimativa dei Prodotti disponibili. Sebbene abbiamo fatto ogni sforzo per mostrare il colore reale e le condizioni estetiche dei prodotti, non possiamo garantire che ciò rifletta accuratamente il colore dei prodotti. Di conseguenza, i prodotti che vi vengono forniti possono variare leggermente rispetto alle immagini presenti sul sito, ma cerchiamo sempre di pubblicare foto ufficiali dei prodotti e immagini reali.

Poiché la nostra attività prevede la vendita di prodotti per lo più usati, le specifiche dettagliate dei prodotti presenti sul nostro sito riflettono le specifiche fornite dal relativo produttore. Ulteriori informazioni e specifiche dei prodotti presenti sul nostro sito possono essere disponibili direttamente presso il produttore. Vi preghiamo di contattarci per qualsiasi domanda o per ottenere ulteriori dettagli sui prodotti prima di effettuare l'ordine.

L'azienda garantisce che la merce, al momento della consegna, corrisponderà alla descrizione fornita dall'azienda. È responsabilità del cliente verificare la compatibilità e l'idoneità della merce per qualsiasi scopo particolare prima dell'ordine. L'azienda si riserva il diritto di apportare, senza preavviso, quelle piccole modifiche alle specifiche, al design o ai materiali che, in base all'esperienza, riterrà necessarie o auspicabili.

Tutti i prodotti visualizzati sul nostro sito sono soggetti a disponibilità. Se un prodotto ordinato non è disponibile, vi informeremo via e-mail il prima possibile e non evaderemo l'ordine.

L'azienda, a sua assoluta discrezione, può accettare o rifiutare qualsiasi ordine, sia per il fatto che l'attrezzatura non è più disponibile, sia per qualsiasi altro motivo.

Come utilizziamo i vostri dati personali

Utilizziamo i vostri dati personali solo in conformità con le nostre Informativa sulla privacy. Vi invitiamo a leggere questo documento perché contiene termini importanti che si applicano a voi.

Diritto all'acquisto di beni (il vostro stato)

Effettuando un ordine attraverso il nostro sito, l'utente garantisce che:

  • Siete legalmente in grado di stipulare contratti vincolanti;
  • Avete almeno 18 anni;

Il nostro diritto di modificare questi termini

Potremmo rivedere i presenti Termini di tanto in tanto per riflettere eventuali cambiamenti nelle modalità di accettazione dei pagamenti da parte dell'utente, cambiamenti nelle leggi e nei requisiti normativi pertinenti e/o cambiamenti nelle capacità dei nostri sistemi.

Ogni volta che ordinate dei Prodotti da noi, i Termini in vigore in quel momento si applicheranno al Contratto stipulato tra voi e noi.

Ogniqualvolta modificheremo i presenti Termini in conformità alla presente clausola, ve ne daremo comunicazione indicando sul nostro Sito che i presenti Termini sono stati modificati e specificando all'inizio di questa pagina la data di entrata in vigore dei Termini modificati.

Se siete clienti commerciali

Questa clausola si applica solo se siete un'azienda.

Se non siete un consumatore, confermate di avere l'autorità di impegnare qualsiasi azienda per conto della quale utilizzate il nostro Sito per acquistare i Prodotti.

Le presenti Condizioni e qualsiasi documento in esse espressamente richiamato costituiscono l'intero accordo tra l'utente e la Società. L'utente riconosce di non aver fatto affidamento su alcuna dichiarazione, promessa o dichiarazione fatta o data da o per conto di noi che non sia contenuta nei presenti Termini o in qualsiasi documento a cui si faccia espressamente riferimento in essi.

Come si forma il contratto tra voi e noi

La nostra procedura d'ordine vi consente di controllare e modificare eventuali errori prima di inviarci l'ordine. Prendetevi il tempo necessario per leggere e controllare il vostro ordine in ogni pagina della procedura d'ordine.

Dopo aver effettuato un ordine, riceverete un'e-mail di conferma della ricezione dell'ordine. Ciò non significa che l'ordine sia stato accettato. Il vostro ordine costituisce un'offerta a noi per l'acquisto di un Prodotto. Tutti gli ordini sono soggetti ad accettazione da parte nostra e vi confermeremo tale accettazione inviandovi un'e-mail di conferma della spedizione dei Prodotti ("Conferma di spedizione"). Il contratto tra noi sarà stipulato solo dopo l'invio della conferma di spedizione.

Il Contratto si riferisce solo ai Prodotti che abbiamo confermato nella Conferma di accettazione. Non saremo obbligati a fornire altri Prodotti che potrebbero far parte del vostro ordine fino a quando l'accettazione di tali Prodotti non sarà stata confermata in una Conferma di Accettazione separata.

Se non siamo in grado di fornirvi un prodotto, ad esempio perché il prodotto non è in stock, non è più disponibile o a causa di un errore nel prezzo sul nostro sito, come indicato nella clausola "I nostri prodotti e le nostre descrizioni", ve ne informeremo via e-mail e non evaderemo il vostro ordine. Se avete già pagato i Prodotti, vi rimborseremo l'intero importo nel più breve tempo possibile.

I presenti termini e il contratto tra di noi saranno sempre comunicati in lingua inglese, ceca, slovacca o francese.

Diritti dei consumatori

Se il contratto è stipulato in qualità di consumatore, è possibile annullare il contratto in qualsiasi momento entro quattordici giorni, a partire dal giorno successivo alla ricezione dei prodotti. In questo caso, riceverete un rimborso completo del prezzo pagato per i prodotti, in conformità con la nostra politica di rimborso (indicata nella clausola "politica di rimborso" di seguito).

Per annullare un Contratto, è necessario contattarci per iscritto inviando un'e-mail a o una lettera a: Kentino s.r.o., Cestmirova 25, 14000 Praga, Repubblica Ceca.

In qualità di consumatori, avete dei diritti legali in relazione a Prodotti difettosi o non conformi alla descrizione. Per informazioni sui vostri diritti legali potete rivolgervi al Citizens' Advice Bureau o all'ufficio Trading Standards locale. Nessuna disposizione dei presenti Termini pregiudica tali diritti legali.

Spedizione e consegna

Determineremo il metodo di consegna per il vostro ordine in base alle dimensioni dei Prodotti che lo compongono. Per la maggior parte dei prodotti, utilizzeremo DPD /PPL/Poste ceche (o un altro corriere di standard analogo che potremo richiedere di volta in volta) per consegnare il vostro ordine. Gli articoli più piccoli possono essere inviati tramite l'Ufficio Postale e gli ordini (di peso volumetrico superiore a 30 kg) per i quali sono richiesti pallet, possono essere consegnati da TNT, FedEx (o da altri distributori di pallet di standard analogo, come da noi richiesto di volta in volta).

Le normative europee in materia di salute e sicurezza stabiliscono che il peso massimo per un singolo pacco è di 30 kg. Pertanto, tutti i singoli articoli che superano questo peso (fisico o volumetrico) devono essere spediti, come parte di un ordine o singolarmente, utilizzando un servizio di trasporto su pallet. Se questa opzione non viene selezionata al momento del pagamento, vi contatteremo per richiedere eventuali supplementi per la spedizione.

Il nostro obiettivo è quello di spedire l'ordine il giorno stesso (se ricevuto prima delle 12.00) per la consegna il giorno successivo, ma questo potrebbe cambiare a causa della domanda. Gli ordini internazionali vengono generalmente ricevuti in meno di 8 giorni lavorativi in tutta Europa. Per ulteriori stime, consultare la nostra scheda sui tempi di consegna nell'UE.

Sebbene venga fatto ogni ragionevole sforzo per rispettare qualsiasi data di consegna, il tempo di consegna non sarà essenziale e il venditore non sarà responsabile per eventuali perdite, costi, danni o spese sostenute dall'acquirente o da qualsiasi altra persona o società derivanti direttamente o indirettamente dal mancato rispetto di qualsiasi data di consegna stimata.

La consegna sarà completata quando consegneremo i prodotti all'indirizzo fornitoci durante l'acquisto/il checkout e i prodotti saranno sotto la vostra responsabilità dal completamento della consegna.

La proprietà dei Prodotti si trasferirà a voi una volta ricevuto il pagamento completo, comprese tutte le spese di consegna applicabili.

La consegna non avverrà finché non saranno stati ricevuti i fondi.

Qualsiasi articolo restituito dal corriere "rifiutato", "destinatario assente" o ordine annullato sarà soggetto al costo totale della consegna danneggiata.

 Codici postali di supplemento:

 A causa del costo più elevato delle consegne a indirizzi remoti, rurali o offshore, la maggior parte dei corrieri impone dei sovrapprezzi per queste aree e noi, a nostra volta, siamo costretti a trasferire questo costo per essere equi agli altri clienti. Le seguenti aree postali sono soggette a un sovrapprezzo in aggiunta alle nostre tariffe di consegna regolari:


 G83, GY9

 KA27-28, AB30-AB56, PH18-PH50, PA20-PA99, FK17-FK21, TR21-TR25

Dazio all'importazione

Se ordinate Prodotti dal nostro sito per la consegna al di fuori della Repubblica Ceca o dell'Unione Europea, essi possono essere soggetti a dazi e tasse di esportazione/importazione che vengono riscossi quando la consegna raggiunge la destinazione specificata. Il pagamento di tali dazi e tasse di importazione sarà a vostro carico. Si prega di notare che non abbiamo alcun controllo su tali oneri e non possiamo prevederne l'ammontare. Si prega di contattare l'ufficio doganale locale per ulteriori informazioni prima di effettuare l'ordine.

Dovete rispettare tutte le leggi e i regolamenti applicabili del paese a cui sono destinati i Prodotti. Non saremo responsabili di eventuali violazioni da parte vostra di tali leggi.



We respect all GDPR and all regulation is according to GDPR. These GDPR rules changes frequently and very complex to comply but we comply. If you have any queries please go to web page and check for GDPR

Rischio e proprietà

I Prodotti saranno a vostro rischio e pericolo dal momento della consegna.

La proprietà dei prodotti passerà al cliente solo quando riceveremo il pagamento completo di tutte le somme dovute in relazione ai prodotti, comprese le spese di consegna.

Politica dei rimborsi - Il diritto di restituzione e di rimborso dei consumatori

Per annullare un Contratto è necessario contattarci per iscritto compilando un modulo RMA (reso) online (non ancora pronto), inviando un'e-mail a o inviando una lettera a: Kentino s.r.o. , Cestmirova 25, 14000 Praga, Repubblica Ceca.

Per gli articoli usati o ricondizionati possiamo addebitare una tassa di rifornimento fino al valore di 20% del prezzo di acquisto. Tuttavia, sia le spese di spedizione originarie che quelle di restituzione saranno a carico del cliente.

Tutti i rimborsi saranno effettuati utilizzando lo stesso metodo di pagamento con cui è stato ricevuto il pagamento originale.

La clausola del "periodo di ripensamento" si applica solo se siete consumatori:

Periodo di raffreddamento

Vogliamo che siate soddisfatti quando fate acquisti da noi. Tuttavia, a volte sappiamo che potreste voler restituire un prodotto. In qualità di consumatore, avete il diritto legale di annullare un contratto ai sensi della protezione dei consumatori (Distance Selling Regulations 2000) entro sette giorni lavorativi, a partire dal giorno successivo alla ricezione dei prodotti.

Ciò significa che durante il periodo in questione, se cambiate idea o per qualsiasi altro motivo decidete di non voler tenere un prodotto, potete comunicarci la vostra decisione di annullare il contratto e ricevere un rimborso alle seguenti condizioni:

  • Il Cliente dovrà inoltre restituire immediatamente il/i Prodotto/i, nelle stesse condizioni in cui lo ha ricevuto, a proprie spese e a proprio rischio;
  • È necessario utilizzare il materiale di imballaggio originale per mantenere l'integrità e la sicurezza del prodotto durante il trasporto di ritorno;
  • A meno che i prodotti non siano difettosi o non corrispondano alla descrizione, il costo della restituzione dei prodotti o, se del caso, il costo del ritiro dei prodotti da parte nostra sarà a nostro carico. Al ricevimento della vostra comunicazione di recesso, vi comunicheremo l'eventuale costo da sostenere per il ritiro dei Prodotti presso di voi;
  • Avete l'obbligo legale di avere ragionevole cura dei Prodotti mentre sono in vostro possesso. Se non rispettate tale obbligo, potremmo avere il diritto di agire nei vostri confronti per ottenere un risarcimento;
  • I prodotti non compromettono i beni di consumo, tranne nel caso in cui sia stato scoperto un difetto che non sarebbe stato possibile identificare senza aprire i prodotti.
  • I prodotti non compromettono il software del computer che non è stato sigillato.

I presenti termini e condizioni non pregiudicano i diritti legali dei consumatori previsti dalla normativa vigente in materia di rapporti tra consumatori e imprese.

Per informazioni sul vostro diritto legale di annullare il contratto in base a queste norme, potete rivolgervi al Citizens' Advice Bureau o all'ufficio Trading Standards locale.

Difettosi, danneggiati, non conformi alla descrizione e altri resi

Se ritenete che un prodotto sia difettoso, non conforme alla descrizione o altrimenti inadatto, ci riserviamo il diritto di riparare, sostituire o rimborsare l'articolo. Vi informeremo della nostra decisione via e-mail entro un periodo di tempo ragionevole. In genere elaboreremo la riparazione, la sostituzione o il rimborso nel più breve tempo possibile e, in ogni caso, entro 30 giorni dal ricevimento del Prodotto difettoso. Se scegliete un rimborso per un Prodotto restituito da voi a causa di un difetto, esso sarà rimborsato secondo la nostra politica di rimborsi, compreso il rimborso della parte delle spese di consegna relative al prodotto difettoso per l'invio dell'articolo e il costo sostenuto per la restituzione del prodotto difettoso a noi (soggetto a un rimborso massimo pari al costo di spedizione originale). Se avete diritto alla riparazione o alla sostituzione di un prodotto difettoso, non vi addebiteremo le spese di riconsegna del prodotto riparato o sostituito.

Ci adopereremo per organizzare il ritiro di tutti gli articoli difettosi, danneggiati e non conformi alla descrizione. Qualora ciò non fosse possibile, rimborseremo le spese di spedizione per la restituzione a nostra discrezione fino a un rimborso massimo pari al costo di spedizione originale della merce.

Prezzo e pagamento

Il prezzo di qualsiasi Prodotto sarà quello indicato di volta in volta sul nostro sito, salvo in caso di evidente errore.

Il prezzo di un prodotto non include le spese di consegna. Le spese di consegna sono quelle indicate di volta in volta sul nostro sito e confermate nella Conferma di spedizione.

I prezzi possono essere modificati in qualsiasi momento, ma le modifiche non influiranno sugli ordini per i quali abbiamo già inviato una conferma di accettazione.

Sebbene cerchiamo di garantire che tutti i prezzi sul nostro sito web siano accurati, possono verificarsi degli errori. Nel caso in cui un prodotto sia elencato a un prezzo errato a causa di un errore tipografico o di un errore nelle informazioni sui prezzi fornite dai nostri fornitori, di tasse o di modifiche ai dazi, ci riserviamo il diritto di rifiutare o annullare qualsiasi ordine elencato al prezzo errato, indipendentemente dal fatto che l'ordine sia stato confermato o meno. Se scopriamo un errore nel prezzo della merce ordinata, vi informeremo il prima possibile e vi daremo la possibilità di riconfermare l'ordine al prezzo corretto o di annullarlo. Se non riusciamo a contattarvi, considereremo l'ordine come annullato. Se l'ordine viene annullato e la merce è già stata pagata, il cliente riceverà un rimborso completo della forma di pagamento originale.

Il pagamento di tutti i prodotti deve essere effettuato con carta di credito, carta di debito, PayPal o bonifico bancario. Accettiamo pagamenti con carte di credito Visa, Visa Electron, Visa Debit, MasterCard e Maestro (incluso Switch). Non spediremo alcun Prodotto fino a quando non avremo ricevuto l'accredito dei fondi. Nessun pagamento sarà considerato ricevuto finché non avremo ricevuto i fondi. Se si utilizza PayPal come metodo di pagamento, ci riserviamo il diritto di non effettuare spedizioni a indirizzi non confermati.

I dati della carta di credito/debito saranno criptati da noi per ridurre al minimo la possibilità di accesso o divulgazione non autorizzata. L'autorizzazione al pagamento deve essere data al momento dell'ordine. In caso di problemi nell'accettare il pagamento di tutto o parte dell'ordine, potremo contattarvi telefonicamente o via e-mail.

Comunicazioni scritte

Le leggi applicabili richiedono che alcune delle informazioni o comunicazioni che vi inviamo siano in forma scritta. Utilizzando il nostro sito, accettate che la comunicazione con noi avverrà principalmente per via elettronica. Vi contatteremo via e-mail o vi forniremo informazioni pubblicando avvisi sul nostro sito web. Ai fini contrattuali, accettate questo mezzo di comunicazione elettronico e riconoscete che tutti i contratti, gli avvisi, le informazioni e le altre comunicazioni che vi forniamo per via elettronica sono conformi a qualsiasi requisito legale che preveda la forma scritta di tali comunicazioni. Questa condizione non pregiudica i diritti legali dell'utente.


Tutte le comunicazioni da parte dell'utente devono essere inviate a: Mons. Michal Beno / Kentino s.r.o. , Cestmirova 25, 14000 Praga, Repubblica Ceca. Possiamo inviarvi comunicazioni all'indirizzo e-mail o postale che ci avete fornito al momento dell'ordine, oppure in uno dei modi specificati nella clausola 13 di cui sopra. L'avviso si riterrà ricevuto e correttamente notificato immediatamente se pubblicato sul nostro sito web, 24 ore dopo l'invio di un'e-mail o tre giorni dopo la data di spedizione di una lettera. Per provare la notifica di qualsiasi avviso, sarà sufficiente dimostrare, nel caso di una lettera, che tale lettera è stata correttamente indirizzata, affrancata e inviata per posta e, nel caso di un'e-mail, che tale e-mail è stata inviata all'indirizzo e-mail specificato del destinatario.

Eventi al di fuori del nostro controllo (Forza Maggiore)

La Società non sarà responsabile per il mancato o ritardato adempimento di uno qualsiasi degli obblighi previsti dal Contratto, causato da eventi al di fuori del proprio ragionevole controllo (evento di forza maggiore).

Un evento di forza maggiore comprende qualsiasi atto, evento, non evento, omissione o incidente al di fuori del nostro ragionevole controllo e comprende in particolare (senza limitazioni) quanto segue:

  • scioperi, serrate o altre azioni industriali;
  • disordini civili, sommossa, invasione, attacco terroristico o minaccia di attacco terroristico, guerra (dichiarata o meno) o minaccia o preparazione alla guerra;
  • incendio, esplosione, tempesta, inondazione, terremoto, cedimento, epidemia o altro disastro naturale;
  • impossibilità di utilizzare ferrovie, navi, aerei, trasporti a motore o altri mezzi di trasporto pubblici o privati;
  • impossibilità di utilizzare reti di telecomunicazione pubbliche o private;
  • atti, decreti, leggi, regolamenti o restrizioni di qualsiasi governo.

La nostra prestazione ai sensi di qualsiasi Contratto è considerata sospesa per il periodo in cui si protrae l'Evento di Forza Maggiore e avremo un'estensione dei tempi di esecuzione per la durata di tale periodo. Faremo ogni ragionevole sforzo per porre fine all'evento di forza maggiore o per trovare una soluzione che consenta di adempiere ai nostri obblighi ai sensi del Contratto nonostante l'evento di forza maggiore.

Politica dei pixel TFT, LCD e al plasma

Un display LCD da 15 pollici con una risoluzione di 1024 X 768 contiene 768.432 pixel; ogni pixel è composto da 3 sub pixel per un totale di 2.359.296 pixel. Uno schermo LCD da 19 pollici con una risoluzione di 1280 X 1024 contiene 3.932.160 pixel e uno schermo LCD da 24 pollici con una risoluzione di 1920 X 1200 contiene 6.912.000 pixel. È raro che uno schermo LCD venga spedito con o sviluppi irregolarità nei pixel. Se o quando si verifica un pixel morto, non è un'indicazione che se ne verificheranno altri. Di solito si tratta di un incidente isolato. Per questo motivo, la ditta hardware ritiene importante informare i clienti che alcuni schermi possono presentare lievi irregolarità sotto forma di pixel morti. Entro i primi 28 giorni dall'acquisto, purtroppo, bargain hardware sarà in grado di sostituire solo gli schermi che presentano tre o più pixel difettosi distribuiti sullo schermo o due pixel morti collegati tra loro. Siamo spiacenti per il disappunto che questo può causare ai nostri clienti, tuttavia i produttori di schermi TFT, LCD e LED dettano questa politica con politiche molto meno indulgenti delle nostre.

Attrezzature e forniture mediche

Tutti i respiratori e le forniture mediche devono essere consegnati come indicato, tuttavia è possibile sostituirli senza preavviso con altri articoli simili della stessa qualità e con un valore di vendita uguale o superiore. Le classi di filtrazione devono essere rispettate. Ad esempio, se ordinate un respiratore FFP3, riceverete un respiratore FFP3. 


La nostra garanzia sui prodotti

Nel caso in cui la merce fornita sia ancora coperta da garanzia del produttore, l'acquirente dovrà esercitare la garanzia direttamente presso il produttore/agente e non presso la nostra sede o azienda o presso il Sig.

Nel caso in cui i prodotti in garanzia non possano essere riparati, saranno sostituiti dal produttore e non dalla nostra azienda o da Michal Beno.

Nel caso in cui un articolo sia venduto come ricondizionato o usato, senza la garanzia originale del produttore e a meno che non sia espressamente indicato diversamente nella descrizione del prodotto, forniremo una garanzia RTB (Return to Base) che prevede che alla consegna e per un periodo di 14 giorni dalla consegna, i prodotti siano privi di difetti materiali. Questa garanzia non è trasferibile e non si applica nelle circostanze qui descritte:

La garanzia di cui alla clausola precedente non si applica a qualsiasi difetto di un prodotto derivante da:

  • Discreta usura;
  • Danno intenzionale, condizioni anomale di stoccaggio o di lavoro, incidente, negligenza
    dall'utente o da terzi;
  • Qualsiasi alterazione o riparazione effettuata dall'utente o da una terza parte che non sia uno dei nostri riparatori autorizzati;
  • Qualsiasi software installato dall'utente o per suo conto; o qualsiasi corruzione di file, utilizzo di Internet o qualsiasi virus o bug che si infiltri o danneggi il Prodotto.

La garanzia sopra descritta si applica solo ai prodotti hardware e non viene fornita alcuna garanzia in relazione alle batterie fornite come parte dell'ordine. Le batterie sono articoli consumabili e si prevede che con il tempo debbano essere sostituite. Non garantiamo per quanto tempo una batteria manterrà la sua carica o funzionerà lontano dalla rete elettrica.

Se siete consumatori, questa garanzia si aggiunge ai vostri diritti legali in relazione a prodotti difettosi o non conformi alla descrizione. Per informazioni sui diritti legali è possibile rivolgersi al Citizens' Advice Bureau o all'ufficio Trading Standards locale.

Ci riserviamo il diritto di testare qualsiasi Prodotto restituito in conformità ai presenti termini. Se, al momento della verifica, dovesse risultare che il cliente non ha rispettato le disposizioni dei presenti termini, in particolare se il prodotto restituito è danneggiato a causa di un uso improprio, se manca di parti o se si trova in condizioni invendibili a causa di azioni o omissioni del cliente, non avremo alcuna responsabilità per la riparazione o la sostituzione dei prodotti e avremo il diritto di restituire i prodotti al cliente nelle condizioni in cui si trovano.

Adeguamento dell'ordine

Le quantità in magazzino possono variare rispetto alla realtà per diversi motivi. Ad esempio, la quantità in magazzino viene abbassata dopo un certo periodo di tempo dalla conferma del pagamento.

A volte, in casi particolari, abbiamo il diritto di sostituire i prodotti dell'ordine con altri simili che corrispondono alle caratteristiche richieste. La sostituzione deve essere effettuata in modo tale che il cliente riceva la stessa qualità o una qualità migliore o che riceva un articolo con un valore di vendita complessivamente uguale o superiore.

Diritto e giurisdizione

I contratti per l'acquisto di Prodotti attraverso il nostro sito e qualsiasi controversia o reclamo derivante da o in relazione ad essi o al loro oggetto o alla loro formazione (comprese le controversie o i reclami extracontrattuali) saranno disciplinati dalla legge ceca. Qualsiasi controversia o reclamo derivante da o in relazione a tali Contratti o alla loro formazione (comprese le controversie o i reclami extracontrattuali) sarà soggetto alla giurisdizione non esclusiva dei tribunali della Repubblica Ceca.


Kentino s.r.o.

Cestmirova 25

14000 Praga

Repubblica Ceca

Company ID: CZ05066743


Termini di base

Per tutti i prezzi e i prodotti, ci riserviamo il diritto di apportare modifiche a causa di errori, cambiamenti delle condizioni di mercato, interruzione dei prodotti o errori tipografici nelle inserzioni. Allegro non è responsabile delle variazioni di prezzo dei produttori, che possono avvenire in qualsiasi momento senza preavviso. Le immagini dei prodotti presenti su questo sito web potrebbero non rispecchiare esattamente il prodotto ricevuto. Possono esistere revisioni del design e variazioni di colore.

Conservare tutto il materiale di imballaggio e la documentazione nel caso in cui l'apparecchiatura debba essere sottoposta a manutenzione o restituita. Prima di restituire qualsiasi prodotto, è necessario ottenere un numero di autorizzazione alla restituzione della merce (RMA). Non saranno accettate restituzioni di alcun tipo senza un numero RMA. Quando si chiama per ottenere un numero RMA, è necessario avere a portata di mano le seguenti informazioni: nome del cliente, numero di fattura, numero di serie e natura del problema.

Diritti e restrizioni

  1. I soci devono avere almeno 18 anni.
  2. Ai membri viene concesso un diritto limitato nel tempo, non esclusivo, revocabile, non trasferibile e non sublicenziabile di accedere alla parte del corso online corrispondente all'acquisto.
  3. La parte del corso online corrispondente all'acquisto sarà disponibile per il Socio fino a quando il corso sarà mantenuto dalla Società, ovvero almeno un anno dopo l'acquisto da parte del Socio.
  4. I video del corso sono forniti come flusso video e non sono scaricabili.
  5. Accettando di concedere tale accesso, la Società non si obbliga a mantenere il corso o a mantenerlo nella sua forma attuale.
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