• Increase your infrastructure availability while controlling your costs

    Usługi wsparcia w zakresie czasu sprawności

Support your networking, security, collaboration, and telephony infrastructure and minimize risk 

Our Uptime Service Plans increase your infrastructure availability while controlling costs and risk. We provide a quality, end-to-end client experience that accelerates your time to value and delivers faster response and remediation when there’s a problem. Our Service Plans offer many coverage options so you can deliver the right level of support by device, technology, and location. 


Stay secure with a single point of support for all your security technologies.

Uptime Maintenance Support Services

Ensure the availability of your hybrid IT infrastructure 24/7, worldwide.

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Breadth of support

Obsługa ponad 47 technologii w 14 lokalnych językach na całym świecie.

Głębokie doświadczenie

Supporting 6 million assets within 6,000 clients across five continents.

Zaufany partner

Almost every major vendor’s #1 or #2 partner.

Zero-touch automation

71% of events are automated requiring no manual intervention.

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