50 pcs single use medical facemasks Annouchen
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50 pcs single use medical facemasks Annouchen


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50 pcs of disposable protective veils Annouchen – TOP

Detailed product description
Disposable protective veil used to protect the work environment and people in the vicinity from viruses and bacteria that we exhale.

The main features of the mask:

  • high filtration capacity
  • high breathability
  • hypoallergenic
  • low weight
  • comfortable flexible rubber band for easy wearing

The veil is made of a 3-layer non-woven fabric and equipped with an elastic band for fastening behind the ears and a nasal sealing tape copying the shape of the nose.

The set contains 10 packs of 50 disposable drapes.

GB / T 32610-2016

How to put on the drape correctly
Put over mouth and nose. Always keep the drape dry. If the drape gets wet, it must be replaced.

Weight: 0.4 kg
FFP1 protection – 98 percent filtration according to Test report.


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