Chemical Protective Suit BioHazard OLEY Type: 6-B L/XL
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Chemical Protective Suit BioHazard OLEY Type: 6-B L/XL


A favorite among BioHazard suits in protection against the Corona virus along with Estilo suits. It has less thermodynamic resistance and that is why it is more suitable for use indoors and with clothing under it.
Size L / XL – up to 160 – 189 cm.

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Size L / XL – up to 160 – 189 cm.
Protective suit with hood category 6-B OLEY meets the requirements of standard EN 13034 (Protective clothing against liquid chemicals) and EN 14126 (Protective clothing with a certificate against infectious agents). ISO 13485: 2016 relating to the ability to provide medical devices and related services by consistently meeting customer requirements and applicable regulatory requirements. Glues under all seams on limbs and body. The product falls into category III and complies with the standard for protective clothing against dust particles and certain sprays of liquid chemicals.
Antistatic product.
It does not contain silicone and does not cause allergies.
The ultra-light disposable protective suit made of laminate fabric provides reliable protection and first-class wearing comfort in various areas. The suit is antistatic.
The coverall closes with a zipper, which is protected by a self-adhesive flap. Better adhesion to the body is ensured by the design with an elastic band on the edges of the hood, waist, hands and feet. There is also the possibility of a stronger attachment of the garment by passing it over the thumb on the sleeves.
Use overalls as outerwear for ordinary work clothes. It is for single use only, it cannot be washed or cleaned. Do not use in an environment with high temperature, fire hazard, when working with open flames, etc.


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