Respirator SAFETYSLIFE FFP2 NR (25 pcs)
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Respirator SAFETYSLIFE FFP2 NR (25 pcs)



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We are the first in the Czech Republic to bring you the Italian Safetyslife respirators.

FFP2 respirator with filtration effect min. 95% preventing the penetration of microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungal spores), fine dust and toxic solid or liquid particles from the outside to the inside and thus protects the user’s respiratory system.
This FFP2 respirator filters out at least 95% of the solid particles of the inhaled air.
It does not contain an exhalation valve and can therefore be used for normal wear instead of cloth drapes, but with much greater efficiency.
Always wear the respirator with your hands thoroughly cleaned so that it adheres to your face as closely as possible. When removing, touch only the straps, not the part that filters the air.
Filter layers:

  • Non-woven protective coating
  • Dust filter
  • A pleasant material that does not irritate the skin

UNI EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009
CE and EN printed on the respirator
Product features:

  • Size: universal
  • Nose clamp
  • Comfortable rubber bands behind the ears
  • Maximum efficiency – 8 hours of full operation
  • Filtration of up to 95% of solid particles of inhaled air

Manufacturer: SAFETYSLIFE
Package: 25 pcs


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