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  • Accelerated computing ASIC

    Using GPUs, ASICs, computing grids. Crypto mining ASIC acceleration. Full solution from design, implementation, deliver, installation and maintenance to maximize your profit.

  • Данные Center Management

    We are developing and delivering specialized software to boost performance of IT systems including ASIC based solutions. Our expert Assisted System Operation Management significantly alleviates your operations workload, ensuring utmost efficiency and environmentally conscious data center operations.

  • State of Art Data Centers

    Elevate your Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Artificial Intelligence computing endeavors through the unparalleled capabilities of our data center boosting services. Harness the full potential of cutting-edge technology with our professional-grade solutions, that can use ASICs, GPUs, FPGAs, empowering your operations with heightened performance and efficiency.

  • Server and ASIC Housing

    We provide comprehensive solutions for housing computing servers, ASIC miners, and various other IT hardware, accompanied by robust technical hardware and software support services.

accelerated computig square image

Ускоренные вычисления

Accelerate your computing tasks by magnitude of 1000% for the same money. We are helping clients to maximine their computing speed to reach this goal in 26 countries World-Wide.

gpu server computing

Серверы с GPU-ускорением

Ускорение вычислений с помощью новейших графических процессоров на архитектуре OpenCL или CUDA. Подходит для ИИ, майнинга криптовалют, Ethereum, дистанционных игр и глубокого обучения

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ASICs miners

Ускорение вычислений с помощью специализированной интегральной схемы Application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) для ускорения обратного генерирования SHA2 и SHA3, лучших для майнинга Bitcoin и Ethereum.

gaming computers PcPraha-cz

Игровые компьютеры

Про-игровые компьютеры, произведенные в Центральной Европе под брендом PcPraha. Лучшее соотношение цены и производительности гарантировано.

Управление инфраструктурой вычислительных центров обработки данных

Специализированное программное обеспечение для работы и распределения задач в вычислительных центрах обработки данных с высочайшим уровнем безопасности.

civil engineering IT ICT

Гражданское строительство

Планирование, проектирование, статические и акустические расчеты для малых и крупных зданий и сооружений. Предложение продукции MAX FRANK®.

data center hosting

Корпус сервера

Лучший корпус для ваших серверов, майнинговых установок или биткоин ASIC. Постоянная низкая температура. Профессиональная команда для помощи в управлении. Дешевое электричество

The most profitable ASIC miners

Technology for better tomorrow

Cheaper, means more eco friendly and more power for the same amount of money and resources. We always aim to offer best performance, hashing power, for the best prices and the lowest electricity consumption while we keep almost 100% uptime of our servers and back up technologies. 

Recently added products

  • iceriver-kas-ks2-2th-1200w


    bitmain logo thumbnail kentino
    Preorders for 1 - 10th October.Order and fix your price now.You should receive this miner within 7 working days after payment.Bitmain KAS miner mines the kHeavyHash algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 9,4Th/s with a power consumption of 3200W.
     19,894.00 without VAT В корзину
  • iceriver-kas-ks2-2th-1200w


    ICERIVER asic logo
    Preorders for 20-30 September batch. Order and fix your price now.Ice River KAS KS3M mines the kHeavyHash algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 6Th/s with a power consumption of 3400W.
     14,369.00 without VAT В корзину
  • Заполнитель

    Replacement PC switch Suitable for connection to the Power SW connector - 2 pins on the motherboard. Length: 50 cm Function: OFF–(ON) Ron = 1.5 Ω Switch dimensions: 8.3 x 8.3 x 14.5 mmPackage contents: 1x PC switch to the motherboard
     1.00 without VAT В корзину
  • iceriver-kas-ks2-2th-1200w


    ICERIVER asic logo
    Preorders for 15-25 August batch. Order and fix your price now.Preorders from July and 1-10 August have arrived already.Ice River KAS KS3 mines the kHeavyHash algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 5Th/s with a power consumption of 3200W.
     16,529.00 without VAT В корзину

Наши основные услуги и опыт

Мы предлагаем вычислительную мощность, необходимую для обеспечения роста вашей компании

Кентино держит подарок Современные решения for Information technology services and Information technology hardware for Accelerated computing including cryptoming, ASICs, AI accelerated computing and Pro-Gaming.

We have been recognized as a Leader in the Data Computing center solutions both in Europe and United Kingdom. We specializes on conventional data centers and the most innovative blockchain operations as well. – Операции и управление вычислительными центрами данных 2021 Оценка поставщиков.

We launched and expanded out service to provide accelerated computing power for the most appealing and challenging projects and starting 2023 we are expanding micro services for end for end users as well.

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