Respirátor FFP3 ADD Air Active 5500 FFP3 NR D


Manufacturer: ADD Turkey

Model: AirActive 5500 FFP3 NR D

Protection: FFP3

Certificate: EN149:2001+A1:2009

CE 1437



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Respirátor ADD Air Active FFP3 5500 NR D


Shape of this respirator is similar to 3M Aura FFP3

Each product is packaged sterile in a special factory environment.


Product features

Air Active + FFP3 Non Vented Dust and Fog Mask Respirator (Respirator Against Bacteria and Viruses)


Bacteria and Virus Mask Suitable for N95

Low breathing resistance filter technology: Provides an effective filter performance that increases breathing ease and comfort while reducing breathing resistance.


  • Special 3-panel design: Fits a wide variety of face shapes and sizes, covers more facial movements while speaking, making it more comfortable to wear and easier to store when not in use.
  • Snug nose panel: Curved and low profile design fits well on nose and eye contours, offers a good field of vision, improves compatibility with eye equipment.
  • Innovative chin strap: Designed for easy attachment and adjustment of the respirator to the face, providing comfortable fit.
  • Embossed top panel: Helps reduce fogging of the eyecup by reducing the flow of warm and misty exhalation air through the top panel.


Air Active? Particulate Respirator Gen1 offers comfort and style without sacrificing performance. With Air Active innovative new low breathing resistance filter technology, you can breathe more comfortably with less effort. Protects against dusts in a wide variety of industrial applications and other situations where the FFP3 protection level is required.


Since it is foldable , you can fold it and put it in its bag after removing it.


Suitable for every face.



It is specially designed to adjust the fit of the mask to the face.

Provides easy fit to the face with 4-point adjustment.

It is attached to the mask by ultrasonic welding.

Package: 1 pc


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