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  • Increase efficiency through fast responsive IT professionals that are here to help you with any tasks

    Support Services

    Real IT support to Improve your operational effectiveness

    We provide real IT support that is located close to our on site premises that helps our support specialist better feel and understand your needs and questions.

    Accelerate technology availability and reduce operational complexity. We provide client-centric, data-driven IT Support Services across multiple vendors, delivered through our innovative digital capabilities and deep technical expertise. This will give you higher availability, reduced operational complexity, and improves the return on your IT assets – freeing your IT staff to focus on innovation and transformation. Leverage the innovative digital capabilities of our services platform, Manage Center portal, and skills within our Global Delivery Centers to help you get the most out of your technology.

    Our services

    Uptime support services

    Uptime Support Services

    We always respond in time much faster than SLA dictates us what will mprove your operational effectiveness and deliver business outcomes.

    Proactive Support Services

    Proactive Support Services

    We may contact you first often sooner than your question in your head appears what will simplify IT operational complexity, integrate processes, and automate workflows to speed time to value. We know our customer and monitor possible issues.

    Support Services for business continuity

    We learn from the best and than improve it to keep your infrastructure running through uncertain times with fast, remote service delivery.

    Why choose Kentino?

    Global support

    Support over 57 technologies in 6 local languages worldwide.

    Deep experience

    Supporting 6 million assets within thousands clients in Europe and World Wide .

    Trusted partner

    We partner with leading hardware solution providers such as: ACER partner, ASUS partner, AMD partner, NVIDIA partner, SAPPHIRE partner, 1stCool partner,


    We provide the most Eco Friendly solutions. We managed dramatically reduce electric power consumption delivering even higher performance.

    We are here to help!