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Допомога Україні

In the light of current events, we have decided to do our part with helping the Ukraine. Since the Ukraine was attacked, Kentino is donating 200€ every day to the special fundraising account for Armed Forces of Ukraine created by the National Bank of Ukraine(more information here: link). In the words of our CEO, “We […]

Як структурувати план управління ризиками вашого центру обробки даних

Today’s business representatives who rely on data centers know that outages or other difficulties could directly affect their clients and profits. Therefore, a risk management plan is crucial for these critical facilities to operate smoothly to not only satisfy existing customers, but to also gain new ones. These six tips for structuring a formal risk […]

Планування імплементації DCIM - основні міркування

A couple of years ago, the editor of Data Center Knowledge embarked on a journey to create the DCK DCIM Infocenter. During that project, I had the pleasure of evaluating and writing reviews regarding a variety of DCIM vendors. Well, between now and then – much has changed. Today, DCIM is an even more integrated part […]

Використання технологій центрів обробки даних для підтримки ініціатив у сфері великих даних, аналізу даних та штучного інтелекту

Beyond power, cooling, and efficiency, data center leaders are focusing on new areas of growth and technology evolution. The latest Jones Lang LaSalle research report indicates that as the data center industry continues to mature, enterprises will consistently seek out add-on services and outsource data center expertise as hybrid models become the norm in 2018 and beyond. […]

Що потрібно знати про управління повітряними потоками в приміщенні

The original version of this article was published on MissionCriticalMagazine.com, titled Managing Airflow at the Room Level. You can view it here. Room level airflow management is fraught with misconceptions and half-truths, making it the least understood aspect of airflow management, although it is ironically the most important. While it’s fairly well understood that the first 3 levels, […]

Повторне використання теплової енергії ЦОД: охолодження гарячої води

In this series we are exploring the different ways that data center operators attempt to be responsible global citizens while assuring long-term return on assets by reducing their carbon footprint through capturing and re-using the heat energy produced by their ICT equipment. I have taken for my conversation starter an October 2011 MIT Technology Review article by […]

4 загрози кібербезпеці, про які слід пам'ятати під час пандемії COVID-19

Data center security is an essential concern at any time, but arguably even more so now as the world grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic. As a data center professional, which cybersecurity threats should you be particularly aware of during these times? Here are four issues well worth your attention:  1. Cryptominers Hacking CPUs Malicious cryptomining […]

Перехід до "зеленого" клімату у 2022 році: час проявляти творчість та ініціативу

New discussions around ESG, emerging solutions around water reclamation, massive renewable energy projects, and all of this surround an industry poised to grow. How fast is this industry growing? Let me put this in perspective. In a single day, we saw two of the industry’s largest mergers and acquisitions happen. A couple of days ago, […]

Хмара vs. колокейшн: Що потрібно враховувати

While many organizations have moved away from on-premise data centers in the past decade, where they go (or should go) is a topic of much debate. And as many enterprise decision-makers weigh their options, some ultimately realize they don’t want to fully embrace the cloud just yet, and opt for a colocation provider instead. In […]