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MTC – Mobile Testing Center.

Simply arrange a test site in your village or business. Everything is turnkey, convenient, high quality and above all free.

Free mobile testing

Do you want to test your employees in the company? Do you organize a cultural, sports or other social event for which an antigen test is required as a condition of entry? Contact us and we will arrange everything for you.

What do we offer?

  • We provide all administration and other tasks related to testing
  • We use high-quality certified antigen tests
  • We will supply medical staff
  • We will test the employees / participants of the event directly at your place (from a minimum number of 30 people)
  • We will issue a confirmation of completion and test results
  • We will provide all administration associated with reporting to the regional hygiene and health insurance companies

Our well-coordinated mobile team will come to you. We can handle large events, where we can test hundreds of people per hour, as well as we will come to you for a smaller event or to the company for a minimum number of 30 people to test. All for free.

In addition to financial savings for tests, you will certainly appreciate the time relief.

Certified tests

We use only certified tests of the highest quality. Collection takes place from saliva, ie painlessly and without any discomfort. Our tests have sensitivity of 93.94% and a specificity of> 99%

We will come to you

Traveling for a test and endangering yourself and your surroundings is inappropriate and chaotic. As one of the few, we will come to your municipalities, companies and family businesses as close as possible.

Confirmation of the test result

You will especially appreciate the professionalism, the speed of testing and the overall organization of the entire testing process. A printed confirmation of the test result for all participants is a matter of course.

Our Tests


We test by a non-invasive method, ie from saliva. We make our testing as comfortable as possible. In practice, this saliva collection works in such a way that the test taker simply puts his saliva in a container, from which a sample is then taken. The result will appear in a few minutes.

Antigen test:

CZK 0 – testing of the population of the Czech Republic with valid health insurance, delivery of the result on hold. Free testing can be performed on one person no more than once every 3 days and only if the examined person has not tested positive for the Covid-19 PCR test in the last 90 days.

350 CZK – price for self-payers, delivery of the result on hold. If the test is positive, a confirmatory PCR test will not be performed. The confirmation test must be paid for.

In the case of a positive test, a second, confirming test is taken from the subject. Subsequently, we recommend performing a PCR test in the contracted laboratory.

Our company offers the possibility of mobile testing. You can have us called and tested directly at your village, company, sports or cultural event

We test the public, companies, municipalities or self-payers for the indication of a doctor or hygienist

Strict hygienic regulations must be observed before and during collection:
Spacing at least 2 meters
Use of protective equipment (respirator)
Use hand disinfectant
If the patient is not yet 18 years old, he / she must be accompanied by a legal representative who consents to the collection of biological material.

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