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How to buy an ASIC?

1st step
Choose a genuine seller.

a. Check the company ID - CZ05066743
b. Search for real phone number and support.Β  +420 602 338 783
c. Check if the domain name has it's real ownerΒ  -
d. Check if the company has an existing location - Opletalova 20, 110 00, Prague, Czechia

2nd step
Choose the best services.

a.Β Offers warranty for at least 1 year
b.Β Offers basic support and services
c.Β Is covered by the European Buyer protection Laws
d.Β Has it's own repair center at their HQ

3rd Step
Choose a miner to maximize your profit.

a. Evaluate how many KW of electricity you have available
b. What is the price of electricity for you
c. Choose miner with the best ration in price and profitability
d. Match it to your financial possibilities
e. Choose housing if needed

4th step
Understand the risk and the profit.

a. Write down the exact expected revenue you would need
b. Understand the risk and the profit of mining

5th step
BUY your ASIC miner and invest your money into the world of CRYPTO!

a. Wait for your miner to be delivered and give it a good care.😊
b. Celebrate!

Project Kentino ASIC Mining equipment

The fascination with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technology is accelerating rapidly. With the aim to offer a wealth of knowledge from verified sources, we’ve launched “Kentino Asic.” Our venture focuses exclusively on cryptocurrency mining, catering to both novices embarking on their mining journey and experienced miners alike. Our carefully curated selection offers complete mining rigs, high-performance components, and a wealth of knowledge. We provide full-fledged support to those investing in Blockchain, offering:

  • Sales of mining rigs and cryptocurrency mining equipment,
  • Colocation services, including hosting and hardware care,
  • Warranty and post-warranty services,

as well as training in cryptocurrency mining. Our catalog includes servers, graphics cards, and high computational power rigs for mining Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Monero, and several other virtual currencies. Complementing our broad range of support, we also offer equipment storage, maintenance services, and access to affordable electricity. What is a cryptocurrency miner?

Most beginners venturing into Bitcoin mining often wonder about the mining process itself, technically referred to as “mining.” To understand this, it’s essential to know what a cryptocurrency miner is. It’s essentially a high-performance computer, designed to execute intricate computational tasks. At the heart of every machine capable of extracting virtual currency is a set of robust graphic cards. In such devices, these cards are prioritized over other components like large storage drives or RAM. In our store, you’ll find both components for DIY cryptocurrency mining rig assembly and complete machines ready for immediate operation.

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Choosing a Cryptocurrency Based on Algorithms

Algorithms are unique mathematical protocols that ensure the security, consistent transaction history, and mining of new units of a particular cryptocurrency. When determining which currency to mine, one should take into account the requirements of these algorithms, with the most prominent being:

  • SHA-256: This is the backbone of Bitcoin mining and is among the most recognized mining algorithms. It demands significant computational power and specialized equipment.
  • Scrypt: Utilized primarily by Litecoin and various other currencies. Unlike SHA-256, it doesn’t need as immense mining power, making it more cost-effective for miners using graphic cards.
  • Ethash: This GPU memory-intensive algorithm is employed by Ethereum, Ubiq, and KodakCoin, among others.

Selecting a currency to mine based on its algorithm hinges on individual preferences, hardware capabilities, and market analysis. The more intricate the algorithm, the higher the investment in mining rigs and energy costs – a crucial aspect to remember. The exchange rate of cryptocurrencies also plays a pivotal role in determining the profitability of mining – professional guidance can be invaluable in this regard. We therefore warmly invite you to reach out and explore our offerings in equipment supply, training, and investment advisory.