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  • Accelerated computing, ASICs, GPUs

    Boost your computing output 10-1000 times using the right technology.

  • Data Center Management

    Assisted System Operation Management and reduce your operations workload.

  • State of Art Data Centers

    Boost Blockchain, crypto, Artificial Inteligece computing with our data center osting.

We offer the computing power you need to drive your growth

Kentino holds present State-of-Art solutions for Information technology services and Information technology hardware for Accelerated computing including cryptoming, ASICs, AI accelerated computing and Pro-Gaming.

We have been recognized as a Leader in the Data Computing center solutions both in Europe and United Kingdom. We specializes on conventional data centers and the most innovative blockchain operations as well. – Data Computing center Operations and Management 2021 Vendor Assessment.

We launched and expanded out service to provide accelerated computing power for the most appealing and challenging projects and starting 2023 we are expanding micro services for end for end users as well.

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Our featured services and expertise

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Accelerated computing

Accelerate your computing tasks by magnitude of 1000% for the same money. We are helping clients to maximine their computing speed to reach this goal in 26 countries World-Wide.

gpu server computing

GPU accelerated servers

Accelerate computing using the latest GPUs on OpenCL or CUDA architecture. Suitable for AI, crypto mining, Ethereum, distance gaming, and deep learning

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ASICs servers

Accelerate computing with specialized Application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) to speed up reverse engeneering of SHA2 and SHA3, the best for Bitcoin and Ethereum mining.

gaming computers PcPraha-cz

Gaming computers

Pro-gaming computers produced in Central Europe under the PcPraha brand. The best value to performance ratio guaranteed.

Computing Data Center Infrastructure Management

Specialized software for operation and distributing tasks in Computing data centers with top security.

civil engineering

Civil Engineering

Planning, projection, statics and acoustic calculations for both small and big scale buildings and constructions. Offer of MAX FRANK® products.

data center hosting

Server housing

Best housing for your servers, mining rigs or bitcoin ASICs. Constant low temperature. Professional team to help with management. Cheap Electricity

Server housing

Data Centers

Data centers with focus on cost effectivity while maintaining maximum uptime. Computing power rental.

The most profitable ASIC miners

Technology for better tomorrow

Cheaper, means more eco friendly and more power for the same amount of money and resources. We always aim to offer best performance, hashing power, for the best prices and the lowest electricity consumption while we keep almost 100% uptime of our servers and back up technologies. 

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