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IT & ICT & mining Kentino s.r.o. Europe

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    The latest accelerated computing technologies, AI technologies, crypto mining hardware and software, blockchain

Кентино s.r.o. is a established, Europe technology services company since 2012. We focus on state of art technologies in multiple industry fields like Information Technology, Cryptomining, blockchain, Accelerated computing, ASIC miners and constructions.  We are located in Czechia what helps us locally serves our customer in whole Europe. We have three main divisions:

Корпус сервера


Вычислительные системы, машинное обучение, искусственный интеллект, вычислительные центры данных


Asic miner category image

ASIC miners

ASIC miners, crypto miners, service and repairing center for ASIC miners and electronics


Гражданское строительство, архитектура, статическая оценка, контроль качества


ASIC repair service center EU

ASIC mining service and repair center in EU

We are first company in Central Europe in Czechia that provide specialized crypto mining solutions such as ASIC miners, mining GPU rigs and other crypto mining gadgets for end users with full warranty and service .

Since 2022 we extend our cooperation from to provide  our services to end user and smaller companies as well. x

Kentino business websites

PcPraha - computers

  • Игровые компьютеры
  • GPU miners
  • cryptomining
  • ASICs
  • Repair services

Tesla accessories

  • teslassories
  • Tesla accessories
  • pre-purchase consultation
  • Tesla fanclub

Cryptomining ASIC wholesale

  • sale of Bitcoin ASICs
  • Ethereum ASICs sale
  • repairs for asics
  • warranty service center for Europe
  • cryptomining news

Kentino IT & ICT

  • Data centers
  • Accelerated computing technologies
  • ASIC miners
  • Серверы с GPU-ускорением
  • Blockchain software development
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Медицинские принадлежности
  • Игровые компьютеры


First ICERIVER distributor for EUROPE.

Kaspa Coin

  • Kaspa miners KS0-KS3
  • service center for ICERIVER
  • Repairs for ICERIVER
  • Preorders 
  • Hardware wallets


Medical supplies

  • medical supplies for hospitals
  • medical supplies retail
  • Covid protective masks
  • FFP2, FFP3 respirators
  • Dedicated page for Slovakia

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Часы работы: Пн-Вс 09:0017:00

Headwaters Mobile: (+420) 602 338 783 - Английский, французский, словацкий, чешский

Front Desk: (+420) 677 085 783 – Russian, Czech, Italian, Ukrainian

Почта: [email protected]


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Working hours:

Mon-Fri 9:00 AM-6:00 PM
Closed Saturday
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+420 602 338783
(Czech phone)

General office:

Opletalova 20, 11000 Prague, Czechia