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    Empowering progress while modernizing and managing the world’s mission-critical systems and services


Kentino is a leading, global technology services company. We’re here to enable the connected future. Through the work we do with our clients and in our communities, we find ways that technology can make a positive impact. We call it technology for good. To help our clients achieve their digital transformation goals, we use our global capabilities, expertise, and full-stack technology services delivered through our integrated services platform. As their long-term strategic partner, we help them enhance customer and employee experience, transform their cloud strategy, modernize their networks and strengthen their cybersecurity. And across their transformation priorities, we automate their business processes and IT, drawing insights and analytics from their core business data. It’s main areas of focus can be divided into three, main categories:


Computer systems, machine learning, Artificial inteligence, Data Computing centers


Medical IT and supplies

Medical devices, medical computers and accessories including Covid-19 protection product


Civil engeneering, architecture, static evaluation, Quality supervission


High quality medical equipment, medical devices and computer

We have decades of experience selling medical devices, computers and supplies and managing healthcare Information processes. We started Kentino Medical to provide an easy way for organizations to purchase high quality medical equipment and supplies from leading manufacturers.

Customer excellence has always been a top priority and it always will be. Thank you for visiting our site. We look forward to working with you!

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