• Scalable Intel® Xeon® platform
  • GPU server for assemblies with multiple processors, suitable for powerful hybrid solutions
  • Kentino patented Adaptable Topology design
  • Scalable architecture for your growing needs
  • Comprehensive IT Infrastructure Management Solution
  • Efficient cooling with replaceable fans and special air extractors
  • Exclusive temperature radar for higher energy efficiency
  • Easy administration and maintenance

For powerful hybrid solutions

The 4U ESC8000 G4 features a GPU architecture that supports up to eight high-performance NVIDIA® Quadro® or Tesla® GPU graphics cards. Thanks to multiple graphics performance, the ESC8000 G4 allows you to work faster and more efficiently with demanding computational tasks. The optimized internal layout allows the ESC8000 G4 to adopt a wide range of graphics cards – including GPU format via two slots – with active or passive thermal modules.

Comprehensive IT infrastructure management solution
The ESC8000 G4 is equipped with a built-in iKVM module and comes with the ASUS Control Center, which provides comprehensive infrastructure management capabilities.

Easy administration and maintenance

Thanks to the ingenious internal arrangement, IT employees can easily replace key components.


Exclusive temperature radar for higher energy efficiency

ESC8000 G4 is equipped with ASUS exclusive thermal radar technology with temperature sensors located on the CPU, GPU and DIMM. This design allows monitoring of internal and external temperatures and allows dynamic control of the fan load curve, reduction of fan consumption by up to 20% and reduction of TCO, which is ideal for data centers with extreme operating loads.

Efficient cooling with replaceable redundant fans
Cooling the accelerator server at extreme workloads with a power consumption of up to 3200 W is a challenging task. That’s why the ESC8000 G4 is equipped with a replaceable fan and dedicated air tunnels for CPU, GPU and DIMM. Ten GPU fans – five primary and five backup fans – plus two CPU coolers provide continuous cooling performance for continuous server operation.

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