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1 Million USD Airdrop Campaign Sneak-peek ICERIVER

Celebrating Kaspa’s 2nd Anniversary with a Grand Campaign

As part of the festivities for Kaspa’s second anniversary, we’re rolling out an exciting campaign! Get ready for an exclusive collection of Kaspa-themed NFTs and a colossal airdrop of $KAS, totaling $1 million USD. This event is brought to you in collaboration with Coinpal, OKX, ICERiver, IGV, and Rhubarb Media, all in honor of Kaspa’s anniversary month!

Preview of the Campaign

Join our special campaign and stand a chance to win unique KASBOTS NFTs at no cost, plus a share in the massive $1 million USD $KAS airdrop!

Participants will engage in two simple activities: following our social media channels and minting their very own KASBOTS NFT.

Glimpse into the Airdrop Distribution

The $KAS airdrop, which can reach up to $1 million USD in value, will be distributed based on the number of participants, with different thresholds unlocking various amounts.

And keep an eye out for our LEGENDARY RARE NFT – the DAGKnight, limited to just 9,999 pieces!

⚠️Participants who mint DAGKnight NFTs will receive special rewards💰🥳

To learn more about the KASBots NFT, please check out the information here. But be aware that all NFT is basically worthless. NFT has value in certain time but it tends to converge to the value close to the 0.

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the $1 Million USD $KAS Airdrop Campaign – a unique, time-sensitive opportunity to join in our grand celebration!

That concludes our sneak peek for today! Curious about the WHEN, WHERE, and additional details? The answers are just around the corner😉 Get ready for an exciting reveal!🔥

Keep an eye on our media channels for the most recent updates about the campaign.

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🎊Happy Birthday, Kaspa!!🥳

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