Atomic Wallet scam

ATOMIC wallet is SCAM

ATOMIC wallet is SCAM


Atomic wallet was hacked 2.6.2023 . When more than 1 000 Millions USD were stolen in Crypto Assets.

The crypto was stolen from wallets that were used by all users who updated their wallet. It clearly shows that private keys were extracted from ATOMIC wallet and leaked.

Private key must never be saved in database without encryption but apparently it happened and we can only speculate that if ATOMIC wallet developers were planning this colossal theft or somebody was faster and stolen their stolen private keys from them.

This hack prove that ATOMIC wallet was stealing private keys of their users for some time.

The operation of ATOMIC wallet will continue like as nothing has happened but be informed that all assets that user holds in their wallets are in mercy of ATOMIC wallet developers and founders.

ATOMIC wallet does not hold your private key encrypted and secured by your encryption phrase but It takes this private key and steal it fro future misuse.


Principle of scam

  1. Atomic wallet developed mylticoin wallet following best security measures like keeping private keys inside users devices and crypted
  2. Community and users approved and verified their approach.
  3. Wallet was working and gathering crypto from many users world wide.
  4. In recent updates they have implemented malicious private key stealing feature where they simply stolen all private keys of all users having thatbupdate
  5. They steal all the crypto from most  funded wallets and blame somebody else to do it. However this scale od stealing from the wallet is possible only if a developer of Atomic Wallet would steal it himself. Because private key is normally never saved uncrypted and your password phrase is the only option how to get private key from the wallet
  6. They pretend like nothing big had happened and they keep offering their hacked wallet online
  7. Cycle will repeat


The only possibility for theft of billions of USD from thousands of wallets is possible only if private keys were stolen from ATOMIC wallet. This is only possible by developer in this scale because nobody else would be able to gather so many private keys .

If developers did not steal it than they have prepared field for them or their accomplits to steal these assets by exposing private keys.

There is no other feasible option however for non developer in Crypto and somebody with lower knowledge of cryptography of mathematics can be fooled by disinformation that were released as some online bruteforce attack on generated password phrases .

We hope that Atomic Walley developers will end up in jjail and repay stolen assets but as usual try to find them. Virtual people in anonymous background.


Example of stolen crypto

Our community lost many crypto coins by ATOMIC wallet scam

for example:

Transaction of stolen Ethereums ETH:

Transaction of stolen BTC Bitcoins:

Atomic Wallet scam
Atomic Wallet scam