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Our data centers provide state-of-the art, secure and interconnected solutions that extend across our global platform. Our technological reach combines technology of conventional CPU computing with GPU acceleration and ASIC computing. We supply our services and computing model to clients in more than 25 Countries World Wide. We help them to accelerate computing including Neural network simulation, machine learning, blockchain and cryptomining, reverse engineering.  And we do it with best regards to the environment. As a carrier-neutral operator, our connectivity-rich computing data center network provides a scalable and resilient platform, enabling you with the innovation and growth environment you seek, wherever you need it. 

Our services

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Accelerated computing

Accelerate your computing tasks by magnitude of 1000% for the same money. We are helping clients to maximine their computing speed to reach this goal in 26 countries World-Wide.

gpu server computing

GPU accelerated servers

Accelerate computing using the latest GPUs on OpenCL or CUDA architecture. Suitable for AI, crypto mining, Ethereum, distance gaming, and deep learning

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ASICs servers

Accelerate computing with specialized Application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) to speed up reverse engeneering of SHA2 and SHA3, the best for Bitcoin and Ethereum mining.

data center hosting

Server housing

Best housing for your servers, mining rigs or bitcoin ASICs. Constant low temperature. Professional team to help with management. Cheap Electricity

Rent computing power at Kentino

Dedicated GPU servers to rent

Rent dedicated GPU server based on your requirements from us and we will provide you full manageable hassle free service for you. For more info Contac Us.

ASICs machanies to rent

Rent ASIC machine, ASIC miner or any other specialized hashing machine based on your requirements from us and we will provide you full manageable hassle free service for you. For more info Contac Us.

Universal hybrid clusters to rent

Rent hybrid cluster machine that contains set of different computing unites. We will provide you with software solution to interconnect these machines and control it from centralized board  For more info Contac Us.

Why choose Kentino?

Global recognition

A top 3 global data center service provider, with over 500,000 sqm colocation space in over 20 countries.

Delivery capability

Global Tier-1 IP backbone provider, one of the largest in Asia.

Analyst recognition

A Leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Data Center Colocation and Interconnection Services 2021 Vendor Assessment.

Advanced facilities

Designed and built the largest portfolio of Tier 3 data centers ​in the world.

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