Medical supplies to protect your clients and your business from COVID-19

We are providing medical supplies to several medical institution including all major hospitals in Czech Republic and Slovakia. We provide only top quality FFP2 and FFP3 respirators and other Covid-protective items.

We also provide rapid testing and testing of the employees for companies. Our mobile testing center can provide you with the service of testing all your employees or do testing for events such as concerts or festivals.

Medical supplies Covid

Medical supplies for hospitals and health care centers

We provide Covid protective supplies such as FFP2 respirators and FFP3 respirators, surgical masks, antigen rapid tests, protective overalls and coats for several major hospitals in Czech Republic and Slovakia. We also supply other health related institutions like covid test centers, laboratories and health treatment centers with covid protective equipment and supplies.

Quality and Certification

Our products that can be found on our e-shop and all products that we ship are of the highest quality and are all certified and also tested by independent recognized testing organizations. We supply only FFP2 and FFP3 respirators that meats the highest requirements needed to protect peoples lives. Every product has CE certification, and approval to be sold in Europe. Furthermore we provide you with regular testing results and also listen to feedback from our clients and alter our items accordingly.

Pricing and shipping time

The prices of covid protective items such as FFP2 respirators and antigen tests or protective coveralls experience immense fluctuation. We try our best to offer competitive pricing and reflect current demand and have all items ready in stock to ship the the following day.

Shipping time

All samples and retail is usually shipped within 24 hours or one working day. We use reliable tracked shipping World-Wide. We cover all Europe, USA, Canada, Russia, Israel and Arabic world as well.  For larger orders we use truck shipping or palette shipping which is suitable for whole Europe especially Czechia, Germany, Slovakia and France.

Why to protect your health against covid with Kentino?

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List of coutry specific branches for COVID supplies

In order to meet country specific requirements we operate multiple e-shop and we have different warehouse and sale point in each of these countries.


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