Most profitable ASICs for February 2023

Here we will provide you the list of the most profitable mining ASICs. The most profitable means the ASICs that produce the highest revenue per month compared to their purchase price. We also take into account price for the electricity.

Bitcoin based ASICs

The leading and the most sold and profitable ASIC for SHA-256 hashing for bitcoin mining is :

  • Antminer S19 96TH that produces 235 USD per month. And costs about 1800 USD. You can buy it here for discount price and have it shipped within 6 days.
antminer s19j 110t pro bitain bitcoin front
antminer s19j 110t pro bitain bitcoin front

Ethereum based ASIC and miner

Ethereum swithed to POS that means it can not be mined anymore however many variants using the same algorithm SHA3-Keccak are there as Ethereum Classic and Ethereum POW.

  • Jasminer 1U 520M – Asic miner in form of 1U server that has the best efficiency in Ethereum Classic mining. They were predicting well that 5GB memory is suitable for mining of Ethereum Clasic for another decade. This miner has hashing power of 520 MH/s while power consumption around 250 Watts from sockets. To compare it with mining rig based on graphic cards you would need almost 10 Rx 5700 graphic cards or 9 RTX 3070 graphic cards to achieve this performance with power consumption 1330 Watts for this very complex rig.
Jasminer 1U 520Mhs 240W
Jasminer 1U Ethereum miner 520Mhs 240W

Kadena based ASIC miners

Kadena cryptocurrency is becoming more and more popular. We can not recommend nor discourage you from this coin miner while we have very efficient Bitcoin miners out there. But there are many reasons why Kadena could rise on price and in the end to be right lucky choice.

  • AntMiner KA3 has hashing power of 166TH with power consumption 3200 Watts from the socket. It can generate 1540 USD per month which sounds great now. However we will see how this number change while this miner will be used by many. For now there are only first batches and pre-orders running on the network.