SHA-256 coins – bitcoin like

Here you will find list of coins that you can mine with all ASIC miners or GPU miners that can process SHA-256 hashing function. On these devices you can choose to mine any coin from the list including Bitcoin, Bitcoin gold and other coins.

  • Cryptocurrency – Coin that you can mine
  • Profitability calculator – If you have profitability calculator available on website. If not no big deal just google where is it. For most of the coins you can find profitability calculator.
  • Pools – number of pools where you can mine this coins. The more pools the more popular the coin is. The number of pools does not have any effect on price of the coin and profitability of the coin. Basically pools take 0-2% pool fee.
OrderCryptocurrencyProfitability calculatorPools
1bitcoin logo smallBitcoinYes69
2bitcoin cash logo smallBitcoin CashYes42
3DigyByte coin logo smallDigiByte (SHA 256)Yes40
4Litecoin cash logo small SHA256Litecoin CashYes39
5PeerCoin SHA256 logo smallPeercoinYes30

The full list of coins that you can mine can be found on the web page Where To mine