The fundamental principles of ICERIver miners

In the past, coins were made from expensive metals like gold or silver, and their value was determined by the value of the metal. Because they believed in the value of metal, those who owned these coins could exchange them for objects.

However, as merchants had to travel great distances and the roads were dangerous, they were obliged to store their currency in banks. To prove the amount deposited, the banks provided them with a document that could be withdrawn at any time from any bank. This made it easier to move around with large sums of money.

These documents were comparable to modern bank checks and money orders.

These documents were important because people trusted them. People trusted the institution and were sure that their deposits would be available when they arrived.

Today, the entire financial, banking and monetary system is based on trust. A project, a share or a currency loses its value if people stop believing in it.

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This ICERiver miner enables individuals to gain independence through trust and patience, without spending money.


Any financial, banking or monetary system is based on trust. To invest money or use a certain object as a medium of exchange, people need to trust.

The person who invites you to join the miners’ microcommunity is the source of the first layer of trust. This person is willing to ask you to join them because they’ve done their homework on the project and believe in its aims.

Indeed, Kaspa is a crypto-currency created to solve the problems encountered by other crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin. Kaspa uses a new technology that enables faster transactions while increasing network security.


To gain trust, you need transparency, and this machine is dedicated to total transparency. A group of engineers, sociologists and economists began work on the project more than a year before its launch. This makes Kaspa suitable for a wide range of applications, from quick micropayments to more complex financial products. In addition, Kaspa offers an open platform for developers to create new applications and services using this cryptocurrency.