The most profitable Bitcoin ASIC miners for 2023

The most profitable ASIC miners for this year considering all aspects is Antminer S19j 96TH pro. Which can generate over 255 USD or 245 EUR per moth and cost less than 1800 USD or 1712 EUR. We took into account the reasonable price for electricity that has risen and also we considered only new miners with long live spam.

The highest profitability for expensive electricity

To eliminate burden of high electricity costs There is equilibrium between purchase price and efficiency and performance in Tera-Hashes. There is no need to go blindly for the highest efficiency of the miner while the its price increase disproportionately.The most reasonable Bitcoin ASIC miner for this case would be Antminer S19j 110TH pro. That takes not more than 3400W form socket and provide 110 TH performance .

The highest profitability for cheap electricity

For the first glance it could be seen that some old ASIC miner would be the best choice but with regards to recent price drops of new ASIC miners there is no reason to choose obsolete machine to mine. The best one would be Antminer S19 90TH pro. This machine has the cheapest purchase price from all new bitcoin miners with high reliability.